What was seen in the handwriting of saints from subtle knowledge and photography?

What was seen in the handwriting of saints from subtle knowledge and photography?

Polycontrast interference photography (PIP) is a device that can study the change of aura of an object and a person using the same technology as Kirlian photography. The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has used the PIP system to study various aspects of spirituality. Dr. of The Center of Biofield Sciences. Thornton Streeter and Drs. A study has been done using the PIP device with the help of Aniruddha Gandhi.

The study examines the existing energy field around handwriting in people with different spiritual levels. The focus is on comparing the positives and negatives projected from a person's handwriting on a spiritual level. A person's handwriting is considered to be a reflection of his spiritual positivity and negativity.

The handwriting of the average seeker who practices regularly at the SSRF Spiritual Research Center is an example of the existing energy field. Put it in a small envelope and then the handwriting in a big white envelope.

Depending on the color and its interpretation, orange, red and purple indicates negativity, while yellow and green indicate positivity. In the PIP picture, green is spreading in the area near the envelope. There is more green on the table, red and pink around the table, and yellow and red on the envelope.

Most of the time handwriting looks good and we like it. For us, looking good means writing in a way that suits each letter. Here, our eyes see the beauty of the characters and our minds feel that good; But by doing sadhana, we also begin to realize the subtle vibrations associated with it. No matter how bad it is for such a person to see the handwriting of a saint, it feels good. Consciousness is experienced through the handwriting of a saint.

Dr. Athavale is the most revered and inspirational source of both Spirituality University and SSRF. From the PIP method, Dr. Athavale's handwriting has been tested.

The handwritten picture on the left is of an average spiritual level seeker and on the right is Dr. It is remembered. Compared to the two pictures, Dr. The PIP picture of the eighth handwriting shows more positivity through the green color in the area around the object on the table. By comparison, the average seeker's picture is now less green. Also, Dr. The red and purple colors of Athavale's handwriting are negative compared to the average seeker's picture. Positive yellow can be seen in both pictures. The orange color that is negative, that Dr. Not in the picture of Athavale but seen in the picture of the average seeker.

Research from machines like PIP cannot be a substitute for sixth sense observation. The instrument can only measure the most tangible or solid part of the spiritual dimension. The visual picture and conclusion obtained through this experiment is only a superficial representation of knowledge, which can be obtained from real spiritual experience.

The aura around a person is real and can be shown to some extent. Science is trying to understand the human energy field or aura. This experimental and visual part shows that the aura of the saint is not like that shown by any man-made device.

In modern science, we observe and draw conclusions in the form of words, touch, form, taste, smell, and emotion and thought through the five senses, mind, and intellect. But in spiritual research, we observe, observe, and draw conclusions through subtle sounds, subtle touches, subtle smells, subtle visions of light and vibration, and the ability to communicate with the universal mind and intellect.

Some seekers may see the spiritual dimension or the spiritual world as the same as we see the gross world. They depict what is seen in the spiritual world and make it based on micro-knowledge. Drawings based on micro-knowledge are merely pictorial representations of aspects seen on a micro level related to an object or event.

This picture is based on micro-knowledge by Dr. The eighth is handwritten. Extremely subtle vibrations of consciousness or divine consciousness can be seen.

From 1 sentence, consciousness or divine consciousness seems to be flowing in yellow.

2. Spiritual power also seems to be projected in the words of the sentence.

3. The halo of consciousness has been formed around the manuscript and is also being transmitted. Consciousness is being transmitted from all four corners of the paper, and

4. Waves of consciousness from the word are transmitted upwards and the pink particle of joy is transmitted to the atmosphere.

You can see how much difference there is in the observation known by the instrument and by the sixth sense.

Thus, we have made a comparative study of the energy field of human nails, hair, and photographs of different categories of seekers.

Summary and main findings

This experiment proves that there is a great difference between a saint and an ordinary seeker of sadhana and a person who does not practice sadhana. Many people do not believe in the existence of saints. Understanding the positivity of the PIP picture, we hope that it will arouse the curiosity of people to know and learn more and eventually achieve the spiritual level of the saint himself. Sadhana is necessary because through it one can reach the spiritual level of the saint and can positively affect the environment.