Facebook's announcement to stop political advertising

Facebook's announcement to stop political advertising

Facebook has announced a ban on political advertising a year before the US presidential election begins. Elections are being held in the United States on November 3. According to Facebook's announcement, only political advertisements submitted a year before the election will be banned, while advertisements submitted before October 27 will not be banned.

Until now, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been discounting political ads. That is why candidates have been using it to spread false or misleading information. Social networks such as Twitter and Pinterest have already banned political advertising from serving them.

Facebook says it can also remove posts that discourage people from voting. Facebook has stated that posts like "Kovid-19" may be removed while going to the polling station. Zuckerberg, the company's CEO, said the coronavirus epidemic would be removed to discourage people from voting. He also said that Facebook would expand its policy to prevent posts that have been appealed to harm or violence against elected officials.

"I believe that our democracy is capable of facing such challenges and holding free and fair elections," Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post. We can do it again. But for that, political parties and candidates, election officials, the media and social media, and all voters, that is, all of us must fulfill our responsibilities. '