Google is making the human body a touchpad!

Google is making the human body a touchpad!

Historically, Google's 'Google Glass' has been a failed project. However, the company is also investing heavily in various wearable devices.

Google's latest projects include reality glasses, virtual reality controllers, and smartwatches. Now another new thing has been added to the list.

According to the Senate, Google is currently working on a high-tech temporary tattoo. Which will turn your skin into a touchpad.

For that, the company will use a skin mask with technology. Which will be interactive and realistic. The skin mask can be applied to the fingers or different parts of the hand.

In which sensors will be used. These sensors allow you to control other devices from there. It is mentioned that a very thin and stretchable skin mask will be prepared for that.

The research team of the University of Saarland, which has been invested by Google, has been mentioned in the white paper of the project.