Useful upgrades for gamer coming to Windows Ten

Useful upgrades for gamer coming to Windows Ten

 With the new update coming to Windows Ten, there is good news for the gamers. Previously, when your game was not running well, you had to either quit the application or change the settings of Windows Ten.

But no one wants to get in trouble while being busy in the game. That's why, according to a recent Windows report, Microsoft is now preparing to remove the middle man.

Now a new resource menu that looks like Task Manager will appear in the Xbox game bar of Windows Ten. After selecting Windows Plus G, the game bar will be visible. This new resource section looks like a speedometer. Windows Latest contains the third to last shared content.

The resource manager shows which apps occupy the CPU, RAM, GPU, and disk speed. It also divides applications based on visibility.

If there is a problem with the performance of the game in certain places, you can reduce the classified apps. This way, you can immediately close apps running in the background by consuming the device's resources.

You can easily return to your game by removing the resource hog from the X icon in the right corner of each application. From the Xbox game bar, Microsoft can be expected to enhance the gaming experience.