Can mobile be charged quickly?

Can mobile be charged quickly?

Shortly after you start using a new mobile phone, its charging may not be as good as before. There are many reasons for this. Initially, there is a change in the number of apps on the mobile when you buy and the number of apps on the mobile when you use it.

The more apps you use, the faster you can get charged. This problem also occurs as the battery capacity of the mobile is gradually decreasing while using it.

If we take care of some things and adopt them, we can extend the life of the mobile battery for some more time. So here are four tips that can help you reduce your Android phone's battery draining speed to some extent. However, this does not mean that the charge is the same as in the beginning.

Reboot the smartphone

This is the easiest and simplest way to use it first. Clicking on the power button for a while will bring up the 'reboot' option. Mobile can be rebooted by clicking on that option.

This can solve not only the problem of mobile battery but also many problems at once.

Keep updating the app

If the app update is not automated on your Android phone, do it immediately. Uninstalled apps are the biggest way to consume battery power. So the mobile app must be updated. It also helps to save the battery of the mobile to some extent.

Update Android

Android updates are not regular. Depending on the brand of the smartphone, there are some differences. But, the update will definitely come soon. Companies are also updating the system from time to time.

So many things have been solved in the new update. Therefore, it is appropriate to constantly use the latest updates. For that, you can update the system by going to the system in phone settings and clicking in advance.

Reset the phone

It's like a nuclear system. This means making the phone look like new again. But, for that, first, you need to keep a backup of the phone.

After resetting the phone, most of the Android phone settings can be reset by going to System Settings and clicking on Advanced and clicking on the Reset option.