Simply understand the intranet this way

Simply understand the intranet this way

 No one person has the sole right to the Internet. It is naturally available to everyone like air and water. But for this, you have to pay the service fee.

If you are looking for a system from which you want to build your private internet network, that is also possible. This can be made possible with the help of the intranet.

When networks around the world are connected to each other, it is called the Internet. But, the intranet is a private network. In it, you can create your own private network.

For example, if you have fifty computers in your office and you want to distribute any kind of information and information on those computers and everyone wants to have access to that information, the intranet makes it possible.

The concept of the internet is similar to the intranet. But the Internet is a global network, while the Intranet is a secret and private network within a certain number of places.

All the computers in the intranet are connected to each other with the help of LAN i.e. local area network. It can be connected both wirelessly and wirelessly. For this, a local area network or wide area network should be created.

If any large industry or company wants to work in a stress-free manner without being connected to an external network, this is a good option for them. It works just like the internet today.

It also has a TCP IP protocol. Like the Internet, it works on HTTPS. Even if only five people have a computer, you can connect it to the intranet. It gives very good network speed.

If you want to make the local area network a wireless lane, then your laptop, computer, smartphone, camera, printer, the scanner can all be connected to each other.