Understand AR and VR technology

Understand AR and VR technology

 New dimensions continue to emerge in the technology world. With the development of technology, it has become natural to use it as a part of public life at a certain time.

Even the technology that you have access to is constantly evolving. The two technologies in this process are virtual reality and augmented reality.

It is natural for many to be curious about these technologies, which have not yet reached the general public. Today we are going to tell you about what these technologies are and what the differences are.

Virtual reality

First of all, you need to understand virtual reality i.e. VR. Clear from the word virtual reality.

Virtual reality means that which looks real but is not real. In the concept of VR, you can feel that you have reached a different world by wearing a special kind of headset.

In fact, you are in a world where you stand. But you feel like you have reached a different world. The glass in your eyes as you stand on the ground, the video content you watch, and the overall software seem to take you to a different world.

The most common example of virtual reality is Google Cardboard. The high-end example of this is the Oculus Rift. Apart from that, Samsung's Gear VR, Sony's Project Morpheus, HTC's Viv are addicted.

After you wear these glasses, you feel as if you have lost touch with the world you live in and reached a different world. With a VR headset, you can watch the 360-degree video by turning your head.

Since the videos used in VR will be recorded from 360 degrees, wherever you turn, you see the same dimensions in the new world, which seem real.

VR is a very cheap technology. All you need is a headset with a lens. Everything else is done on your phone. The phone divides the screen into two parts and provides a 3D experience from the app in it.

However, to use VR technology, your phone must have a gyroscope. If you don't have a gyroscope, even if you wear a VR headset, you only feel like going to the movie hall and watching the big screen.

A gyroscope is hardware. It informs the phone's software about the angle at which the user has placed his head and the content is being prepared accordingly. That's why it's important to have a gyroscope on your phone.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that has gone one step further than virtual reality. It is much more modern, expensive, and interesting than VR.

In augmented reality, you don't have to wear a full headset. Google Glass, for example. Google Glass is a very simple technology.

It has a small display in the corner. If you're working somewhere, your world is the real world. Nothing has changed.

But AR has a display in the corner of your glass. It keeps giving you frequent notifications.

For example, if you are riding a bike on a road, you look around the road and everything else. But you can also see a display in the corner along the road.

In fact, augmented reality shows you how VR creates something new in the same place. The best example of this is Microsoft's HoloLens.

If you are playing a game, you need a rival. When you apply that holo lens, it shows all the environments in which you are sitting.

At the same time, it creates the competition you need. Augmented Reality can create the character you want by interfering with the view of your real environment.

That is why it is better and more advanced technology than VR. Google Glass, Microsoft's HoloLens, Sony's Magic Lens are very expensive AR glasses.

Just because AR is more expensive and sophisticated than VR does not mean that VR is bad. Both have their own merits and characteristics.

There is also a startup company called Apar in Nepal. The company is working on AR and VR. AR CEO Dhiren Karki has been working on a system that can use AR technology in education.

Students who see tigers in books do not know much about them. But in Apar's app, a virtual tiger appears on the mobile screen.

The student can see the tiger from every angle. That tiger is not like the print in your book. The tiger that appears in it is kind of walking. The tiger comes and starts walking in your existing place.

Used for virtual reality 3D maps, 3D tools, and 3D movies. But augmented reality is mainly used for gaming, interactive content, and creating something to look at where you live.