Know the history of telecommunication services in Nepal

Know the history of telecommunication services in Nepal

Beginning of telecommunication service in Nepal b. Magneto technology telephone service was started in 1970. In 2013, Nepal had 350 local telephone services, 28 radio stations, seven trunk telephone services, and international telecommunication services with India.

Private telephone facilities were not available to the public during that period. The Department of Telecommunications was established in the 2016 BS to develop and expand telecommunication services.

Thereafter, telephone service was extended to 58 districts during the Second Five Year Plan Period (2018-2023). Besides, domestic and international telecommunication services were also developed during the same period.

The National Telecommunication Policy issued in 2049 BS after the People's Movement of 2046 BS adopted the policy of involving the private sector in telecommunication services. Accordingly, the private sector has entered the telecommunication sector of Nepal only after the enactment of the Telecommunications Act in 2053 BS.

Telecommunication services, which were once a means of luxury, have now become a basic need of the common man. In Nepal, the compulsion to walk for hours to talk on the telephone and to wait for years to connect a new telephone has become history today.

Many providers have now come into existence for telecommunication services. Information technology services have reached the hands of the general public through mobile services. Today we are presenting to you briefly the history of telecommunication services in Nepal.

Development of telecommunication services in Nepal

1970: Launch of magneto technology telephone service

2016: Establishment of the Department of Telecommunications

2021: Launch of International (India and Pakistan) Telecommunication Service by HF Radio Service

2032: Establishment of Telecommunication Corporation

2041: Launch of Inland Trunk Service (STD) by Telecommunication Corporation, Launch of Rural Telecommunication Service in Nepal

2044: Launch of International Trunk Service (ISD) through Telecommunication Corporation

2049: Formulation of National Communication Policy

2053: Formulation of the Telecommunications Act 2053. Launch of Internet / Email service in Nepal

2054: Establishment of Nepal Telecommunication Authority. In the formulation of Telecommunication Regulations 2054.

2055: NEA issues license to private sector service providers to operate internet and email services for the first time

2056: Formulation of Telecommunication Policy. Launch of mobile service in Nepal.

2059: Issuance of license to private sector service providers for operating voice services

2060: Formulation of Telecommunication Policy, 2060. Issuance of license to private sector service providers for the operation of rural telecommunication services

2061: Issuance of license to the private sector for the operation of mobile services

2064: Launch of 3G service (first among SAARC countries to launch 3G service)

2069: Telecommunication service radio frequency (distribution and pricing) policy issued

2070: Basic telephone service license

2071: Formulation of broadband policy

2072: Formulation of Information and Communication Technology Policy

2073: Telecommunication Service Radio Frequency (Distribution and Pricing) Policy (First Amendment)

2074: Launch of Forge service

2076: Providing frequency of telecommunication service operation through the auction for the first time

Source: Nepal Telecommunication Authority