Corona can now be detected by recording a cough on the phone

Corona can now be detected by recording a cough on the phone

One of the main reasons behind the inability to prevent Covid 19 is asymptomatic infection. There is an infection in the body, but due to the absence of symptoms, such patients are spreading the disease by walking outside openly.

Researchers at MIT University in the United States have developed an algorithm to solve this problem. Who can use a smartphone to record coughs and identify covid in patients with no symptoms?

According to the MIT report, it is actually a group diagnostic tool. Brian Subirana, a research scientist at MIT's Auto-ID Laboratory, says that if a person uses this tool before entering a classroom, factory, or restaurant, it will prevent the spread of the epidemic.

MIT's research team had already begun trying to use the AI ​​model to detect bacterial signals in cough recordings before the corona epidemic began. In the early stages, researchers tried to detect Alzheimer's disease by analyzing recordings of forced coughing from an AI model.

The team has finally developed the AI ​​framework. This tool detects the disease by showing the strength of the vocal cords, the sentiment, the lungs and respiratory activity, and the fluctuations in the muscles.

As soon as the coronavirus started, Subirana, along with the team that developed the Alzheimer's Detection Framework, was involved in the development of Covid 19 detection technology. This is because patients with Covid 19 were found to have the same neurological problems as Alzheimer's patients.

The research team trained Covid 19 detection algorithms using spoken words and tens of thousands of recorded coughs. While feeding recordings to the model, the algorithm was able to identify 98.5 percent of Covid 19 confirmed cases.

One hundred percent of the participants were infected with no symptoms. The team is currently trying to put its algorithm in an easy-to-use app. For which they have sent an application to the FDA for approval.