Tinder was not just a dating app

Tinder was not just a dating app

The Tinder app was not loading on my mobile. It was afternoon. I was sitting in the back of my car in Karachi. The car stopped when the traffic light came on and I put my phone in airplane mode. I was talking to a good friend. . So I opened Tinder again. But that didn't work.

I just opened Instagram. The posts were all clear, general. Forge was running well. I knew the signal was not working well. Although I had tried.

Finally, I opened Twitter and went to the 'Search' tab. There I typed 'Tinder Pakistan Ban'. There was a tweet notice from the Telecommunications Authority of Pakistan called PTA. In which it was mentioned that some dating apps including Grinder and Tinder have been banned.

This was not the first time I had searched on Twitter when any online platform was banned in Pakistan. In 2012, the Pakistani government banned YouTube for allegedly showing a film mocking the Prophet Mohammad.

At that time, many aunts had posted videos of goats abusing Tyler Swift's lyrics, then I was looking for a reliable VPN to participate in such satire.

The PTA banned Facebook, Flickr, and Wikipedia in 2010 after users competed to upload cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad on Facebook.

But the PTA, Pakistan's body that monitors everything in the information and communications sector, did not ban blasphemy. PTS has responsibilities ranging from encouraging competition between telephone service providers and Internet service providers to providing phone numbers.

It also monitors users' complaints about phones and the Internet. In 2006, the country's Supreme Court delegated the power to ban objectionable material.

The practice of banning the media from engaging in immoral activities also began. There were many types of offensive content. Frightened by online pornography content, Muslim youth compiled a list of 780,000 sites that were listed as objectionable.

Blogging sites are banned. Dear Prudence, I was banned from reading much. When you want to open any of the above sites in your browser, you will only get a message called 'Search Safely'.

After the first YouTube ban, the Pakistani government gradually expanded the power of the PTA. Previously, the PTA's moral policy was up to the legal gray area, and in August 2016, the Pakistani government passed an act that barred the public from accessing any information the government deemed inappropriate.

In February of this year, the Pakistani government introduced a new law to protect its power. But after international pressure, the government suspended it. But the government maintained its position and warned all apps to follow the rules or go out.

For the past few months, Tinder has been left to monitor what young people do in their spare time. Then he stopped the first popular game RPG. After that, the live-streaming app Bigo and now some dating apps including Tinder and Grinder were banned. After a few days, the ticket will also fall on Chepuwa.

I'm concerned about what these restrictions mean for civil liberties. I'm also worried about what this kind of ban will do to my youngest dating app.

When I was 11 years old, I left Pakistan to go to the United States. I returned here when I was 23 years old. After settling in New York, I returned to Karachi. Since then I have started using Tinder. I left my family and friends and came to live alone in Karachi, which was not easy.

Even in America, all my friends were from high school. People didn't have enough time to meet. The compulsion to work, study, and move to a new place did not give me a permanent social life. Sometimes I felt trapped.

When it comes to dating. I didn't even know how to start it. In the United States, I have had occasional social interactions. There was a lot to know from the physical gestures and untouchability of the people. But in Pakistan, women were not allowed to touch men unknowingly. The couple never held hands when they were out of the house.

All this means that Tinder was my only lifeline in this kind of society. Unlike any coarse or supervised interaction, I was able to live a limited social life on the perimeter of Tinder. I was able to keep my words. Before our date and meeting, she was able to assess her sexual compatibility.

I was able to raise issues in Tinder that I could not speak in real life. For example, I was able to ask young people what they thought about Pakistan's military chief, Pervez Mursaruf. If I agree with their statement, then it is done, otherwise, they would have given my opinion.

There is still inequality in Pakistan. Men send nude photos and aggressive messages without permission. They have a low opinion of women. But I had no choice but to meet new people.

Pakistan As Tinder began to disappear into the world of Tinder, I realized that most dating should be done with an 'alchemy and a combination of chance'. And Tinder greatly improved my chances.

In a coffee meeting at a restaurant in Karachi, I had two dates with that person in good chemistry. But later he got an offer from another country.

I was disappointed. But I knew I would go on another date. In a place like Karachi, it is very unlikely to meet the people you expect.

It was awkward to think that I could find someone suitable for a date other than Tinder. This was my perfect place to find a potential match for myself. Which I was not able to do in daily life.

I like to keep it within a limited range of the app until I meet someone. Only then do I express my level of commitment by exchanging phone numbers.

But now I have lost all my potential people. Even before exchanging numbers with them. When the app first banded, I tried a trusted VPN. However, it did not work.

Hija Kamran, program manager at Media Matters for Democracy, a non-profit organization advocating for freedom of expression in Pakistan, told me that behind every block of the PTA, Pakistan has been looking for ten "badass" ways.

She was laughing while talking on the phone. "Pakistan is the world's largest consumer of pornography," she joked.

Every website that loads porn is banned here. She told me that people are looking for ways to use apps like Tinder and Tiktak again. Four days after our conversation, the PTA announced that it had lifted the ban on tickets.

By then, Tiktak had agreed to allow the PTA to inspect accounts suspected of being unethical. But there was no voice in Pakistan like Tinder for Tiktak. Now, the resumption of this type of dating app seems unlikely in Pakistan, both morally and religiously.

According to Kamran, an app like Tinder should have given a 'suck' to the less literate people of Pakistan. Women who shared their phone numbers may have complained of violence against them at the PTA, while men may have complained about seeing pictures of women.

I missed my first date. I remembered everything I had spent that moment. I also remembered how difficult it is to get all this back without government oversight.

Platforms like TickTack came back with the condition of removing inappropriate content. But in the eyes of the PTA, the tincture of morality has always been in the gray area.

I began to understand our nature of banning things since Pakistan banned YouTube in 2012. The effect of the Tinder ban was very real, which had to be compensated by killing an emotion.


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