Google warns Android users to update Chrome browser immediately

Google warns Android users to update Chrome browser immediately

The biggest challenge for Android smartphone users is to avoid many kinds of bugs and malware. Google alerts its users as soon as it finds a bug in its system.

Once again, Google has warned Android users to update the Google Chrome browser. Google has requested to update the browser as it has patched the Zero-Day bug in the browser.

The search engine company Google has warned to update the app saying that a cyber attacker could harm the user with the help of a bug in the Chrome browser.

According to a report by ZDNet, the bug that was discovered gave the attacker the option to bypass the Chrome Security Sandbox.

In this way, cyber attackers can run code on the operating system and make any changes without the user knowing. This bug was also found in Windows.

Google has also released a security update for the Chrome for Android browser. According to the report, Chrome for Android version 86.0.4240.185 has been released and the CVE-2020-16010 bug has been fixed in it.

Last month, Google's security researcher discovered a Zero-Day Vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Ben Hux, technical head of Project Zero, said the vulnerabilities would be fixed for Windows by November 10. With the help of vulnerabilities associated with Zero Day, hackers can change the settings of your smartphone and system.

This means that there is a risk of your personal data being stolen and leaked without your knowledge. Also, with the help of banking details, your account can be emptied instantly.