So mobile is charged late, aren't you making a mistake somewhere?

So mobile is charged late, aren't you making a mistake somewhere?

Before the advent of Android smartphones, mobiles were limited to calling and texting. But in today's age of smartphones, mobile is used for many purposes.

Due to which the consumption of mobile battery has also increased. At the same time, fast charging technology can be seen in most of today's smartphones.

But often users are surprised when their smartphone is charged slowly. There can be many reasons for the slow charging of smartphones. In which you are not meditating so fast.

If your smartphone is also charging slowly, today we are giving you useful tips for fast charging, explaining the possible reasons for it.

1. Use only genuine chargers

When charging your smartphone, always use the original charger that comes with the smartphone. Avoid cheap and counterfeit chargers available in the market. Doing so also increases the chances of smartphone crashing and breaking.

2. Remove the back cover and charge

We are all using back cover to keep our smartphones safe. But you may not know that when you charge the smartphone with the back cover on, the heat in the phone does not come out and it gets hot.

Keep in mind that in hot conditions the efficiency of the phone's battery decreases. If you remove the cover and charge, your phone will heat up less and the phone will charge faster.

3. Don't use fake data cables

Most of the data cables that come with the phone break down quickly and users are temporarily using cheap and fake data cables. Sometimes you even use the charger of other smartphones.

But don't make that mistake. Use the original data cable whenever possible. Using a fake data cable will not only slow down the charge, but it can also even damage your phone.

4. Change mode while charging

If you want to charge your smartphone fast, you need to know about the charging mode. Charge in power saving mode and battery saver mode.

By doing this, the additional background apps on the phone will be closed and the smartphone will start charging fast.

5. Switch off the phone and charge

You can even charge your smartphone by switching off the phone. When charging in this way, the smartphone starts charging quickly.

Because in this case, the network signal and the apps on the phone are closed. Due to which the phone starts charging fast.