The smart way to know when charging the battery in the mobile

The smart way to know when charging the battery in the mobile

 The battery life of your smartphone is not always the same. Over time, its capacity decreases. So you need to know the best way to keep the battery alive.

The best way to charge for this is to use it. The best solution is to partially charge your mobile phone. But sporadic charging and disconnection can harm battery life.

Most smartphones use lithium batteries. Regularly charging these batteries can last a long time. But most people do not know how long to charge, how to do it.

Never charge your phone to 100 percent. Charge the phone battery to a maximum of 80 to 90 percent and do not let it fall below 30 to 25 percent.

At a rate of 50 percent, the battery life in FA is the best condition for battery life. However, many users continue to charge the battery even when it is fully charged and continue to use the mobile phone even when the battery is full. If you have such a habit, correct it immediately.

Excessive charging reduces the working capacity of the battery, and various studies have shown that heating a lithium battery in a mobile phone produces more than a hundred dangerous gases.

Another important thing is that the battery gets hot while using the mobile, but do not use the mobile while charging. Note that overheating for mobile phone batteries is always the root of the problem.

Therefore, there is no danger if the battery is not heated while charging the mobile. But if you feel that your mobile phone is running out, remove it from the charge immediately.

If you have to use your mobile while charging, it is best to use it in airplane mode. Airplane mode automatically turns off cellular data. Cellular data is also a big reason for battery overheating.

Today's smartphones have the technology to know when to fully charge and stop the oncoming current. So the battery is not likely to be overcharged.

Similarly, as soon as the battery reaches the lower limit after running out of charge, the mobile will be switched off, so there will be no over-discharge.

However, when charged for a long time, the charging stops as soon as it is fully charged, but the discharge starts immediately. Mobile phone manufacturers start charging again based on the set threshold.

If you are charging your mobile for a long time, it is better to switch off the mobile and keep it on charge so that the battery does not get unnecessary load.

Also, as mentioned above, if you have a habit of charging the battery for a long time, discard it immediately. Instead, charge your phone twice a day (for example, morning and evening).

Therefore, if you can adopt such a smart way of charging the battery, your mobile and battery life will last a long time.