Why aren't lost and stolen mobiles found?

Why aren't lost and stolen mobiles found?

 The number of people claiming to have lost their mobile phones is on the rise. In the last fiscal year alone, a total of 13,713 mobile phones were reported missing at the Metropolitan Police Complex, Teku, and the Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

But only 1,374 of the registered mobiles were found. This means that only ten of the 100 lost mobiles can be found. This statistic shows that very few lost and stolen phones are found in Nepal.

According to government figures, 46,731 tenders were registered in the last three years claiming that mobile phones were missing. However, the police have managed to find only 5,089 of them.

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTAA) has received 2,446 complaints of missing mobile phones in the last three years. According to NEA spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal, only 154 of them have been traced.

The regulatory authority is of the view that the main reason for the low number of lost and stolen mobile phones is the activism of the service providers and the police organization.

An official of NEA said that it was possible to do only a small number of mobile tracing as the service providers use manual methods to trace lost and stolen mobiles.

"It cannot be said that the lost mobile phone was found as soon as it was latched in the network of the service provider," he says. After that, the search is on for the police. Neither the victim nor the police provides any details on how many traced mobiles were found or not.

According to NEA, the victim did not come in contact with the missing mobile tracing. According to the regulator, out of 154 traced mobiles, only 72 cases have been reported to the police. In the remaining 82 cases, the victim has not been contacted, according to NEA.

"If the victim does not come in contact, we will not recommend it to the police," said Aryal, a spokesman for the authority. NEA has taken all its services to a full automation system.

This means that users can register their missing mobile complaints with the authority online. For that, you have to click here and fill in the required details.

If the lost and stolen mobile is traced, the information will be sent to the victim's email automatically. Most of the victims seem to have complained to the police about the loss or theft of their mobile phones.

NEA has suggested registering a complaint through NEA's online system even if it goes to the police. Telecom spokesperson Rajesh Joshi, on the other hand, said that they will be on record as soon as they come in contact with the mobile network.

"In case of contact with a lost or stolen mobile network, the record stays in our system," he said, "but we have to manually check which number was traced or not."

NEA is making final preparations to implement a mobile device management system to control illegal mobiles. If the system is implemented, the regulator expects the rate of finding lost and stolen mobiles to increase.

The regulatory authority is of the view that the police did not investigate the incident with such interest. A senior NEA official said, "If the police show the same interest in mobile phones as in other cases of theft, 60 to 70 percent can be found."

But Nepal Police spokesperson SSP Kuber says that every citizen is treated equally.

"The case of lost and stolen mobiles is being looked into by the Criminal Investigation Department," he said. But the police also need to consider how much direct access they have to the system. '