Prerequisite for Machine Learning

Prerequisite for Machine Learning

To get started with Machine Learning you must be familiar with the following concepts:


Linear Algebra



Programming Languages


Statistics contain tools that can be used to get some outcome from the data. There are descriptive statistics which is used to transform raw data into some important information. Also, inferential statistics can be used to get important information from a sample of data instead of using a complete dataset.

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Linear Algebra

Linear algebra deals with vectors, matrices, and linear transformations. It is very important in machine learning as it can be used to transform and perform operations on the dataset.


Calculus is an important field in mathematics and it plays an integral role in many machine learning algorithms. Data set having multiple features are used to build machine learning models as features are multiple multivariable calculi plays an important role to build a machine learning model. Integrations and Differentiations are a must.


Probability helps predict the likelihood of the occurrences, It helps us to reason the situation may or may not happen again. For machine learning, the probability is a foundation.


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Programming language

It is essential to know programming languages like R and Python to implement the whole Machine Learning process. Python and R both provide in-built libraries that make it very easy to implement Machine Learning algorithms.

Apart from having basic programming knowledge, it is also important that you know how to extract, process, and analyze data. This is one of the most important skills that is needed for Machine Learning.

Since we now have a better understanding, we can talk about Machine Learning prerequisites:

 1. Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Probability

 A) Statistics contain tools that are used to get an outcome from data. 

Transforming raw data into valuable information, descriptive statistics are used.

Inferential statistics are used to get information from a sample of data without using the complete data set.

When it comes to prerequisites to learn Machine Learning, this is high up on the list, as it does involve some basic maths. This lays down the core foundation of how information can be extracted from data at hand.

B) Speaking of mathematics, Calculus also is a prerequisite of Machine Learning, and it plays an integral role in the algorithm. As data sets with multiple features are used to build learning models. Multivariable calculus plays a vital role in building a model of machine learning.

C) Linear Algebra is dealing with matrices, vectors, and linear transformations. It is used in machine learning to perform operations and transform on datasets. 

D) As probability is used for prediction of the occurrence of an event, it helps you to reason the situation – as to why a certain event took place. Probability is a foundation in machine learning prerequisites.  

2. Programming Knowledge

Being able to write code is one of the most important things when it comes to Machine Learning. You need to know languages such as Python and R to implement the process. 

Basic functions such as:

Defining and calling functions

Lists, sets, and dictionaries (assessing, iterating and creating)

for loops with multiple variable iterators

if/else conditional expressions

String formatting

Pass statement – for syntax

You should do a course in Python, to be specific. This will not only ease your process of learning this subject but also give a better understanding of data modeling.

 3. Data Modeling

It is a process of estimating the structure of the data set, and it is done to find any variations or patterns within. Machine Learning is also based on predictive modeling. Therefore, you need to know various properties of the data you have, to predict.

Learning iterative algorithms can result in errors in the set and model — a deeper understanding of how data modeling functions is a necessity. 


We focused on the prerequisites of machine learning in this article, and its applications as well. You need to have some understanding of maths – statistics, probability, linear algebra, and calculus, programming language, and data modeling. 

Machine Learning is a lucrative career to get into, but it requires a certain amount of practice and experience. It’s not a quest that can be done overnight. But if you have a look at machine learning salaries, then you will find the effort worth.

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The minimum eligibility that is required is a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 1 year of work experience. Or a degree in Mathematics or Statistics.