Mobile Operating System

Mobile Operating System

Friends, when we go to get any smart phone, or think of taking it, first of all we try to know that the phone we are taking is the phone running on which Android operating system. If we talk about smartphones, then it is the world's best selling and used Android based smartphone. If the operating system is not used in it, then it is like a garbage can and if a good mobile operating system is installed in it, then it becomes the best and most selling smartphone. In today's article, we are going to provide you information on this important topic. Along with this, we will also give detailed information about its different types, so read this article till the end.

what is mobile operating system

Friends, be it any electronic device that we can control and operate ourselves, first of all the software i.e. its operating system is installed inside it. Like friends, Apple's phone has iOS operating system and while Windows phone has Microsoft's window operating system, in the same way Android based phone has its operating system Android.

If the operating system is not installed in the mobile phone, then the phone is of no use and everything from its features to its functionality is based on its operating system. We cannot load or re-install any other operating system on top of the operating system installed inside any mobile.

But we can very easily load any operating system you want inside any rooted mobile device, but by doing this process your phone may have to face a lot of risks and it may be that your The phone may also get completely damaged and may not be usable again. But we friends do not recommend you to install a new operating system in any rooted phone.

Mobile and Desktop Operating System Differences

A mobile operating system is designed or developed for mobile devices only. But friends, desktop or PC's operating system cannot be installed in a gadget like a phone or other mobile device, nor can the mobile operating system be installed as the operating system of a PC or desktop. Despite this, the operating system of friends mobile and the operating system of any PC or desktop works the same. The functionality of the operating system, features and features of a desktop or PC operating system are common to the smartphone or mobile you have. But friends, in the operating system of any mobile, you get to use some more special features than the operating system of the computer or PC and the lack of which we get to see in the operating system of the PC.

Mobile Operating System Features

Let us tell you about the best features of some mobile operating systems here, which you do not see in the operating system of a PC or desktop, and this is a special difference we see in PC's iOS and mobile's iOS. gets to.

Inbuilt Modem

SIM Management





GPS – Global Positioning System

NFC – Near Field Communication

Infrared Blaster


Voice Recorder

Speech Recognition

Face Recognition

Fingerprint Sensor

Mobile Operating System Name and Type (Name, Types, List)

Friends, do you know that there are many types of mobile operating systems and they have different names. But friends, some of the most popular and used mobile operating systems are Android operating system, iOS operating system and Windows operating system. But friends, apart from all these, there are many other mobile operating systems, which probably very few people know till now. So friends, further we give you information about many more mobile operating systems and tell their names, read its information in detail below.

Android OS :-

As we all know, Android OS is the most used in mobile phones. Friends, Android's mobile operating system was first launched by Google itself in the year 2008. Since then, friends have become the most popular Android operating system till the present time and at the same time it has become the Android mobile operating system used in most mobile devices.

iOS :-

Friends, iOS is the most used operating system after Android operating system and it has been developed by Apple company itself and it uses all its types of devices such as iPhone, iPad, PC.

Windows OS :-

Friends, who is such a person about the Windows operating system, who does not know it well, the window operating system is the only ruling operating system system in the desktop area. It has been developed by Microsoft, the company of Bill Gates, counted among the world's richest. Friends, the operating system of Windows was successful in the cable computer itself and it has completely failed to make its mark as the operating system of the mobile.

Chrome OS :-

Friends, this operating system has also been created through Google itself, but friends, it works as a web application. Friends, it mainly serves to provide the user interface of the Chrome browser. You can see this operating system in Google's Chromebook.

Web OS :-

Friends, this excellent operating system was developed by Palm Company and then later HP Company bought it and then LG Company has bought it for its Smart TV and Internet TV.

Watch OS :-

Friends, this operating system has been developed by Apple company itself and they have developed this operating system only for smart watch and you can see this operating system in all smart watch of Apple.

BlackBerry :-

This excellent operating system is distributed by Research in Motion company and you will find this operating system in all Blackberry devices.

Ali OS :-

This excellent operating system has been developed by China's most popular company Alibaba.

Fuchsia :-

It has also been developed by the Google company and it is an operating system developed as a surprise product. This operating system is called Surprise Product Operating System because it was launched without official launch and about which people came to know through a post, but it is still in its early stages at present. .

Kai OS :-

This operating system was developed for Celkon, the father of the smartphone and is a mobile operating system developed by the company "KAI".

Friends, we all of you must have understood all the detailed information related to mobile operating system through this article today. No electronic device can work without an operating system and its best features are also ensured on the basis of its operating system and not only this, the working capacity of the device also depends on the operating system itself.