So all apps need the lite version

So all apps need the lite version

Light versions of various apps have been getting popular for a few years now. Many users are attracted to the light version of the app as it consumes less data. Various companies that are considered giants in technology are releasing light versions of their apps targeting users in low-income countries.

Lite app consumes less data and also occupies less storage. Therefore, in devices with less RAM and CPU capacity, only the light version of the app is useful. Although the demand for 'lite apps' is good, developers are ignoring such apps.

Lately, the Lite app is only available in some limited countries. The use of these apps is more in such countries, where users use mid-range and low-end devices. Lite app can be equally useful for users with flagship and expensive devices.

In some cases, the service can be accessed even when the internet speed is low, so the Lite app helps. But if the developer does not provide 'Lite App' for developed countries, the users of that country may be facing problems.

Even in the markets of such countries, users are looking for cheap phones and apps that consume less data. Even though the place is developed, the economic condition of the user may not be so strong. Similarly, when traveling to remote places in developed countries, there is a need for an app that works well with low internet speed.

Like the various apps we are downloading and using; Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Instagram also consume a lot of battery. We can use 'lite version' of such apps to save battery.

The company, which is considered to be a veteran in technology, brings various attractive features to attract users. Now those features are consuming more data. Similarly, these major apps are asking for permission for various things on the phone, which consumes more of our data. Even if your device has a durable battery and powerful hardware, various apps take advantage of it.

Same job, but the main app consumes more resources

The main app and the lite app often provide the same service. However, using the main app consumes more of our resources. Let's look at Facebook for example. As much as the facilities provided by the main app, the light app provides almost the same service. Lite app is ahead in some respects.

In particular, only limited (5 people) users can be chatted from the main Facebook app. However, you can chat with as many people as you want from the Lite app. Facebook users have to download a separate messenger app to chat. When downloading the Facebook app, its size is around 150 MB.

However, while using it, it is causing problems by consuming more than 1 GB of storage. Facebook Lite consumes much less data in comparison. The installed size of Lite is 5 MB. Also, since there is no feature of preloading the feed, it does not consume unnecessary data. Similarly, compared to the Facebook app, the Facebook Lite app asks for 25 percent less permissions.

Due to these various reasons, the popularity of the main app is the same as that of the light app. The company has given more importance to the main app for its own interests. Lite app is also preferred by users based on usage.