Here's how a secret feature hidden in the iPhone's trackpad works

Here's how a secret feature hidden in the iPhone's trackpad works

Typing on iPhone and iPad is a controversial issue. The problem of typing error in every new iOS update is not new. One of the biggest problems faced by users while typing on iPhone is not being able to move the cursor correctly while editing text.

Users often get frustrated when the traditional method of tapping and holding a finger down on the screen to bring up the magnifying bubble doesn't get the cursor where they want it. However, there is another way to move the cursor while typing in iOS. Which can give the user some relief in typing.

This trick works even if you are using an older iOS (iOS 15). Here we have given information on how to easily type using the secret feature in the trackpad.

How to Activate Secret Trackpad on iPhone or iPad

First, go to the place where you want to write a text (message, messenger, WhatsApp, note).

Then write any text there.

Then tap and hold the space key on the keyboard.

Then the keyboard appears empty. Then you can move the cursor to the text you want to edit by holding your finger on the space key.

Then edit the text easily.

This feature can also be used on Android devices. However, on Android, it is easier to edit by directly tapping on the text rather than moving the cursor while holding it.