What is open source, and how can it be used?

What is open source, and how can it be used?

 Open source is the most popular word in the internet. In general, open source refers to source code that is publicly accessible. Anyone can modify the source code of open source and use it for personal purposes.

However, certain conditions are set for that. Open source software like private software is also a type of computer software. In some open source, licenses are issued with terms of use.

According to the conditions of production and use of open source, various licenses such as General Public License, Meet License, Common Development and Distribution License are issued. A non-profit organization called the Open Source Initiative (OSI) sets the standards for such licenses. The word "open source" was originally used in the context of the design of certain types of computer programs and in writing or discussion about software.

The credit for the first use of the term open source goes to Christine Peterson of the Fortitude Institute in the US. In 1998, she suggested using the word open source in 'software with connection'. Anyone can inspect and improve open source software.

However, not all computer users look at the source code. However, coders can modify programs and apps, add new features, and make parts that didn't work before.

Commercial software that is fully owned by the creator is called closed software. In this case, only the person or organization that makes the software can modify and upgrade it. Only those who write such software have the right to legally move (copy), inspect and modify it.

Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are examples of such closed or proprietary software. Which customers like you and us should buy according to their conditions. We cannot do anything other than what we are allowed to do with such software.

On the other hand, open source software such as Libre Office, Jinyu Image Manipulation, VAC Media Player, Red Hat Software can be moved, learned from, modified and shared by the customer. Open source software like Linux and Apache are very popular now. As soon as people say open source, they may have the illusion that everything is free.

Developers of open source based software may charge certain fees from users. Some people do not charge the price of the software, but they charge for the service and support of the software. In this way, even if the price of the software is not fixed, the manufacturers can charge a fee for installation, use and solving the problems that arise.

However, in the case of open source software, the word 'copyleft' is used more often instead of copyright. However, certain rights to use, modify and share are given to the customer or user. Currently, the use and expansion of open licenses like open source is being done in areas such as software, electronics, food and beverages, digital content, medicine, media, agriculture, science and engineering, and robotics.

Like Open Source, Creative Commons license is more popular in the field of educational content. Through this license, anyone can legally distribute and distribute the creation to others. The content of the famous website Wikipedia is freely available under this license.

How is open source used in software?

Open source has played a major role in the software development community. Developers use open source tools to solve open source code problems. Open source codes are shared on platforms like GitHub, Sourceforge and Launchpad.