Now robots will be seen serving food at home or restaurants like humans, scientists have created a new system

Now robots will be seen serving food at home or restaurants like humans, scientists have created a new system

With the advancement of technology every day, our work is becoming easier. It can be estimated that in today's time almost everything has become based on technology. When we look once towards science, we see how far the world has gone now. Similarly, robots are also playing a major role in our lives. Now the day is not far when instead of humans, robots will be seen serving food in the house or restaurant. Yes, it must have sounded a bit strange to hear but it is going to happen soon. In fact, some big scientists, in collaboration with Indian-origin researchers, have created a system that will teach robots how to work in difficult situations (decorating the dinner table and serving food).

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US has developed a new system called 'Planning with Certain Specifications' (PUNS), which will enable robots to perform tasks in a planned manner like humans. At the same time, a study published in the journal IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters also states that robots equipped with this modern system will also be able to move any item from one place to another according to the need.

children will also learn artificial intelligence

The growth of Artificial Intelligence is likely to increase rapidly in the coming times. In such a situation, courses and certificate programs have been introduced by CBSE to make students aware of this field and its use in daily life. Through this, children will be prepared for the future from now on. At present, the Artificial Intelligence course has been prepared by CBSE for the students of class 8th and 9th. For this, the module of the course has also been issued by CBSE.

In the Artificial Intelligence released by CBSE under Skill Based Development, the IT running till now has been replaced. Instead, Artificial Intelligence has been brought in the form of a certificate course. Wherein IT has been included as a main course. Artificial Intelligence has been included as a subject in class IX. However, courses have been included as an option in both classes. For this, one year grace time is given to the schools by CBSE, so that they can adopt the course here.

The unit wise introduction will start with

Unit-wise introduction about Artificial Intelligence has been given in class 8th.

In the course included in the 9th class, along with the introduction, its importance in daily life, its use, and other information have been included in the course.

Planning has also been done to give training to teachers. So that he can be a trend about Artificial Intelligence.

The future belongs to artificial intelligence

Preparations are going on in full swing all over the world regarding Artificial Intelligence.

A task force has been constituted by India on the use of artificial intelligence in national security and defense.

Through artificial intelligence, the roadmap for many revolutionary changes in the field of medicine is also ready.

In some places, robots equipped with artificial intelligence are also reading the news.

The Artificial Intelligence course for 8th and 9th has been introduced by CBSE. The purpose of these courses is to prepare the children from now on for the time to come.

Two new planets were discovered with the help of artificial intelligence technology

Scientists have discovered two hidden planets with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This discovery has been made through data gathered from the Kepler Space Telescope. This technique shows scientists such things, through which many hidden planets can be identified. Explain that such planets cannot be caught by conventional methods. Researchers from the University of Texas, USA, have created this technique, which is based on the algorithm. The scientists used an algorithm to decipher the data collected by Kepler and find symbols that could not be detected by conventional planetary methods.

These two planets are very important

The Kepler and K2 missions have already discovered thousands of planets around other stars. Researchers said that these two planets found in K2 are very important. Anne Datillo of the University of Texas, involved in the study, said they are closer to their host star, have a shorter orbital period, and are hotter. They are slightly larger than Earth. One of the two new planets has been named 'K2-293be. It orbits a star and is 1300 light-years away from Earth. After this, the second planet is named K2-294b and it also orbits a star and is located in Aquarius, 1230 light-years away from Earth. Datillo said that the use of AI technology to find planets hidden in the data set is effective and this technology is going to be of great use in the future.