Now robots will give birth to children! Revolution by the new invention of scientists

Now robots will give birth to children! Revolution by the new invention of scientists

Robots To Give Birth To Children: With the help of artificial intelligence and supercomputers, cells have been given such a shape that they have developed the ability to reproduce.

 Robots can not only give birth to children but can also heal themselves in case of injury and illness. That is, now science has made so much progress that one day man will probably be able to create an artificial form of his own.

Robots will give birth to children

Scientists in America have created such living robots with the help of stem cells of a frog found in Africa. These robots are being called Xeno Bots. These robots, smaller than a millimeter in size, were developed last year. Then scientists developed the ability to walk in them, they could also work in groups and they were also able to treat themselves. But this year they have been made eligible to give birth to children as well.

How was this special robot made?

Scientists doing this experiment say that they first isolated some special cells from frog embryos and then observed how they adapt themselves to their surrounding environment. During this, scientists found that these cells not only adapted to the new environment but also started moving and they became capable of reproduction.

Reproductive ability developed in robots

During this, no genetic changes were made in the frog's stem cells because stem cells are capable of transforming themselves into other cells. For this experiment, scientists also took the help of Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputers. AI and Super Computer gave these cells such a shape that they were capable of reproduction.

Scientists hope that these Living Robots will also be useful in the future for cleaning microplastic in the sea and preventing diseases like cancer in humans. With the help of these, the aging of people will also be stopped because when a person grows old, the cells of his body start dying, but in the future, these cells like robots will be able to replace them and it will be possible to stop the aging of humans. 

But questions are also being raised on such experiments all over the world because many people believe that it is tampering with nature. The whole world is troubled by the changing form of the coronavirus at this time, in such a situation if humans made robots that would be able to move and produce children, then do not know what new trouble the world will have to face.