The human race will perish; Why and how? - Stephen Hawking's Horror Description!

The human race will perish; Why and how? - Stephen Hawking's Horror Description!

Stephen William Hawking, one of the world's most important theoretical physicists in the field of cosmology and quantum gravity, died of natural causes on March 14. It is safe to say that the alarm bells for this world will no longer sound. Because he is the only one who can present strange ideas and the dangers that result from them, not just verbally, but theoretically!

Debon William Hawking, who performed many kinds of research until his final breath, believed that a certain 3 things had the power to destroy the human race. What are they? In addition to proving that the most mysterious black holes are real, Stephen Hawking, who has done extensive research on black holes and gravitational singularities, could not avoid being accepted by the world when he explained the three causes of human destruction.

01. Artificial Intelligence: The first thing that Stephen Hawking believed to have the power to destroy the human race - Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) Artificial Intelligence ..!

Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is the application of intelligence to machines or software.

Feedback: Artificial intelligence technology works on an equal footing with humans. And some scientists believe that destruction sometimes outweighs humans: Thus, Stephen Hawking argues, the destruction of the human race is possible when man-made machines acquire more knowledge than humans. Potential Risks: He also said that it is important for intelligent scientists to be involved in research to avoid the potential dangers posed by artificial intelligence. 

02. Human Aggression: Stephen Hawking believes that he has the power to destroy the human race is the second thing - human aggression ..! Self: That is, if machines with extreme artificial intelligence do not destroy the human race, the human race will destroy itself through human aggression, says Stephen Hawking. Aggression: Stephen Hawking answers the question of which of human imperfections do you want to change as human aggression? 

Strength: It has been suggested that the aggressive trait that developed in ancient times due to factors such as food habitat and reproduction now has the power to destroy the human race. Confirmation: Also, Stephen Hawking has commented that he believes that human existence can be confirmed through more space exploration. 03. Aliens: Stephen Hawking believes that aliens have the power to destroy the human race - Aliens ..! 

Warning: It is noteworthy that Stephen Hawking warned that the existence of aliens was confirmed in 2010 and that they would not behave in a friendly manner to Earth. Nomadism: Stephen Hawking believes that perhaps the most advanced alien civilizations were as nomadic as the conquest of planets and the celebration of belonging.

Travel: If so, it should come as no surprise that aliens are aiming to use other planets' resources and resources to travel further and further, says Stephen Hawking. 

Boundary: He also puts forward the idea that we should not forget that no one knows what the boundary is.