Artificial Intelligence Future

* Artificial Intelligence *

It is related to the future of you and your children. You may have heard the name of Artificial Intelligence and if you have not heard it, then you will definitely know today. This is going to blow your nights sleep and steal the rest of the day.

So let's know what is Artificial Intelligence. You must have seen many films in which Robot does all the work himself, thinks like us, and he also takes decisions when the time comes. So let us know this in full detail today.

If we say Artificial Intelligence in a simple and simple language, then * artificial machine and intelligence * which has the power to think like a human being. Let us know how it will change the whole world in the coming times. Due to this, the jobs that are jobs, especially the technical side, have been threatened. The official type of job is going to end all the way, such a job in which the same kind of work is done again and again, it is over. Where, where and how it will end jobs and how to prepare us and our children for this, let us know what is happening in the world, through the artificial intelligence and how it will affect us.

* Cars without driver * - Cars without drivers have been tested and have come on the market. There is no possibility of accident nor any driver requirement and fare in any way. Consider the drivers' jams finished. Uber and Tesla have tested it in the US and have been very successful.

* 3D Printers * - 3D printers are a huge revolution, through this you can erect any building overnight. Put all the materials in the material printer, prepare the design and erect the building. Due to this, there is a great danger of ending the jobs of workers, artisans and architects etc. Its testing has been very successful, it has been done in China.

* Electric Drone * - These drone couriers will endanger the jobs. Such drones have been prepared which will automatically deliver the courier from house to house and there will be no need of any courier left. Amazon has done its testing in the US and its testing has been very successful.

* Robotic Surgery * - The surgeons of normal surgeries are absolutely in danger. Such robots have been prepared which will perform human surgery on their own and a normal surgeon may start looking for another good job. Before you start staring, let me tell you that till now about one million surgeries in the world have been done by robots.

* Black Box * - These boxes will eat the accountant and teller. Put millions and billions of data into it, you will analyze it automatically and take the decision.

* Google Unicode and Voice * - This is probably all you know that the typewriters from all over the world have already checked. Ten years ago there was a good demand for typewriters in the country, whereas today no one is asking why the reason is in front of you.

* Amazon Go App * - This type of app has caught the cashier and teller in America. Installing their app in your mobile, you go to their store and pick up whatever you want from there and come out without asking any money and the sensors will automatically get the money out of your Amazon account by screening them.

* Metro Ticket Vending Machine * - Those of you who are in Delhi would know that at least thousands of employees who distributed tickets on ticket windows in Delhi metro were all over Delhi and today these machines are everywhere in Delhi. Is engaged and there is no employee for the ticket. All the jobs ended in a year. It will slowly devour the bus stand, railways, airports everywhere.

* Security Guard Robot * - Many sensors and softwares have arrived, which will identify the image if the robot will work instead of the guard and the security guard job ends.

* Army Robots * - Robots will fight in place of army soldiers. This is not a laughing matter but is the truth, and perhaps very few of us know that the fighter plane has come without driver long ago and the drone is also without any human or driver, similarly to fight in the front line of the soldiers. Robots will be replaced in the coming time. Jobs of soldiers in danger

* Personal Secretary (SIRI & ALEXA) * - Apple or Amazon personal assistant does not know how many secretaries have been eaten. It can do everything from raising you, fixing your meeting, guiding you, what a secretary can do.