Advantages Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Advantages Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the artificially developed intelligence. Today its field is growing rapidly. It is going to be widely used in the coming times. It is currently used in car manufacturing, chatbots (which provide co-information while chatting while surfing websites), personal digital assistants (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana etc.), robot manufacturing, computers, Facebook, YouTube , Speech recognition, weather forecasting, computer science, aircraft manufacturing, therapeutics, space stations are in the works.

Today many companies are investing heavily in it. Artificial intelligence began in the 1950s. It works through robotics systems. It works on human thinking. Also responds to facts. Deep Blue Computer, equipped with Artificial Intelligence of the IBM Company, defeated Kasporov in chess.

Artificial Intelligence was founded by John McCarthy. His friends Marvin Minsky, Herbert Simon, Elaine Newell jointly developed and researched early artificial intelligence. Through this technique, such complex work can be done which is not possible for human beings.


In 1956, John McCarthy first organized a workshop on "Artificial Intelligence" at Dartmouth College. In his speech, he first mentioned the term "artificial intelligence".


The advantages of artificial intelligence are as follows -

Advantage of GPS technology

We can easily reach any place using GPS technology in cars and phones. We do not worry about forgetting the paths. We do not need to remember signs and signboards. One can easily reach this place of interest by using this technique. In this technique "artificial intelligence" is used.

Used in everyday activities

"Artificial intelligence" is also used in our smart phones and computers. The keyboard corrects our mistakes while typing, also gives a choice of the correct words. GPS technology is used in such tasks as facial recognition on the machine, tagging friends in social media.

Used by financial institutions and banking institutions to organize and manage data. Smartcard systems also use "artificial intelligence".

Used in the exploration of minerals, petrol, and fuel

With the help of "artificial intelligence" we can do many such things which humans cannot do. The discovery of minerals, petrol, and fuel at the depths of the ocean floor, the work of digging in deep mines is very difficult and complex. There is intense water pressure in the ocean floor. Therefore, with the help of robots, fuel is discovered.

Play strategy

Now "artificial intelligence" is being used prominently in taking pictures of sports like cricket, football, baseball, chess. It also suggests strategy to the coach.

In the medical field

"Artificial intelligence" is now being used in medicine in the field of side effects, medicines, x-rays, disease detection, investigation, radiosurgery.

Other advantages

A machine with "artificial intelligence" takes no breaks, it can work non-stop for several hours. Repeated tasks are very dull for humans, but machines can do them comfortably. Hence dangerous / fatal in the factory, lab.

Accidental activities can be done with the help of machines with "artificial intelligence". Using "artificial intelligence" is the least mistake. The work can be done with 100% accuracy.


The disadvantages of artificial intelligence are as follows

Cause of unemployment

"Artificial intelligence" can lead to mass unemployment. Thousands of people can lose their jobs in factories, factories and banks.

High price and cost

Installing machines with "artificial intelligence" anywhere in the bank, ATM, hospital, factory proves to be very expensive. It is also not easy to fix it if it goes bad. Their maintenance is also very expensive. The software programs of such machines need to be changed frequently.

Creative power can finish

With the help of "artificial intelligence" we can create new designs, new things. It is quite possible that with its widespread use, we will become completely dependent on "artificial intelligence" and lose our creative power by being inefficient and lazy.

Construction of dangerous weapons

It is very likely that with the help of this, the machines make automatic weapons which will destroy the entire human race by themselves. When this happens, some people can rule the entire human population, exploit it.

Does not get better with experience

The way a person gets new experience on doing new things and does the same thing better next time, the technique of "artificial intelligence" is not able to do so. It works according to its software.

Fail to distinguish right and wrong

With the "artificial intelligence" technique, the machine works according to its feed program. There is no emotion or moral value inside machines, they are not able to differentiate between right and wrong. In the opposite situation, machines with "artificial intelligence" technique cannot take decisions.


In today's article, we have given you detailed information about "artificial intelligence". It has many advantages as well as many disadvantages. We should use this branch of science thoughtfully for human welfare. Relying completely on it can be harmful. So we have to use "artificial intelligence" in a balanced way.