What is crowdsourcing, how to take advantage?

In 2011 came the Hollywood movie Life in a Day. Filmmaker Ridley Scott made the film from a total of 80,000 video clips of 4,500 hours.

There is an interesting reason behind mentioning this here. None of the 80,000 clips were made by the film production house. All those clips were clips sent by different people.

The film was made about 90 minutes. If you've been interested in hacking or Internet security research, you've probably heard of BugCrowd. It is the largest bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform in the field of cyber security.

The company employs independent hackers who are not involved in any organization around the world. The company's business model is based on this. The latest news is that Facebook has recently released a new app.

This app called 'Host' is a platform for sharing informative content. Here the person can bring up the issues in his mind and ask questions. Can guess at any subject. Anyone can see the topic you raised on the platform.

In this way, a summary can be extracted by adding your thoughts, facts, analysis and facts to it. It will also satisfy your hunger for knowledge, exchange ideas and most importantly create new knowledge. What better concept could there be, just think!

The similarity between these three experiments is the use of the crowd. Crowds give birth to exploration, give birth to creation, guide the age and shape our future as a whole.

Businesses, governments and public organizations all flock to get new ideas about their services and products. There is an established concept of crowdfunding and creating the future, which is called 'crowd sourcing'.

How did crowdsourcing start?

Developed in 2006, the concept is a sourcing model. Previously developed concepts are in-sourcing (where an organization hires arrears on a daily wage basis) and outsourcing (where the company hires its employees from anywhere outside and hires them on a contract basis).

Crowd sourcing is another form of outsourcing. But this is done by the crowd. Using crowd sourcing technology, the power of crowds around the world can be used to get people to work for you and your needs.

You can get a person to do a job by paying a thousand rupees. But at the same price of a thousand rupees or less, there is a large crowd that can do your job better. Just need to find Which can be greatly facilitated by technology today.

This is the business model of hiring staff for crowd sourcing. But crowd sourcing is not limited to this. In fact, crowdsourcing is one of the most sustainable and effective methods of exploration.

In today's age of technology, facts and information on every subject can be found on the Internet. From all this information, new insights can be developed. The same insats are playing the role of exploration today.

Today the use of crowd sourcing is possible in every field. Whether it is research, agriculture, health, crisis management. Apart from these, it can also be used in many other areas. In fact, even the most widely used Wikipedia is the result of crowdsourcing.

Everybody comes here and updates Wikipedia by adding what they know. Using Crowdsourcing, you can gather information from experts in any field you do not have access to.

How to do crowd sourcing?

Crowdsourcing is an effective weapon today. From data collection, to developing efficiency in company operations and even solving common problems, this tool is very important.

The practice of retention has helped many companies grow and develop at an unexpected pace. Due to which, it has brought a revolution in today's overall industry and business sector.

Crowdsourcing is done in different ways depending on the purpose of the business. There are also dedicated platforms for crowdsourcing.

You can select the platform according to your project. For example, software developers use GitHub. If your business is about collecting consumer data, you can get information from social media or consumers.

Amazon's Mechanical Torque is also a reliable crowdsourcing platform for hiring a remote worker. You can find the cloud sourcing platforms your company needs online by searching.

Those who want to do crowd sourcing should first of all clearly state the nature of their work and the required manpower. Then write the instructions clearly. Find a crowdfunding platform that suits your needs.

Then release and select the workforce from the crowd. Evaluate their ideas and abilities. Include the right things in your project and prepare the final product.

Its benefits

Professionals are the ones who especially benefit from crowdsourcing. If you do not have enough capital and manpower to complete any project, you can find skilled manpower in any part of the world to work with your limited capital through crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing can do whatever it takes to expand or facilitate access. It can also bridge the skill gap in the company. This can increase the speed of any work as well as reduce operating costs.

The dilemma within the crowdsource

This is the age of information. The virtual world is a shadow of our real world. But that is what is driving us. Because it can collect, mediate, facilitate and resolve our real-world information effectively and quickly.

The concept of crowd sourcing is also based on these things. But there are also many dilemmas regarding crowdsourcing. Some even consider digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook as crowdsourcing. People feed information and content on Facebook and YouTube.

So it also seems to be based on the concept of crowdfunding. But these platforms are not really crowdfunding. The main purpose of crowd sourcing is to complete the work or solve the problem by choosing the best option from the crowd.

These platforms provide space for entertainment and other content. From there, some people return to watch. Some provide content as they wish. They do not solve any problem, nor do they get anything.

The platform invites people to do a certain job in crowdsourcing. But these platforms do not. Here people can participate on the platform spontaneously without any expectations.

But if YouTube called on users to create videos for video competition, it could be called crowdsourcing. But all these organizations can take the help of crowdsourcing to improve their content and decide on new strategies.