Demand for AI and machine learning experts

Demand for AI and machine learning experts to grow by 60% by next year

Automation in companies is expected to increase by 60 percent in demand for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialists by 2018. According to Francis Padang, regional director of talent management solutions provider, AI and machine adoption may be growing, but there is a shortage of experienced talent in technologies such as deep learning and neural networks.

This is the salary of AI professionals

Experience annually

2-4 years Rs 15-20 lakhs
4-8 years 20-25 lakhs
8-15 years 50 lakhs -1 crores

At the same time, HR professionals believe that their role as AI evolves into broader and more strategy product management roles. Since there is a huge shortage of talent in the AI ​​sector,
That's why employers who use AI automation tools will speed up the recruitment process.

Telecom jobs increased due to 4G, 30 lakh recruitment to be done by 2018

There is a piece of good news for people sitting in government jobs. According to a recent report, the telecom sector will have 30 lakh jobs by 2018. According to a report jointly prepared by Assoc ham and KP, the introduction of 4G technology and increased data usage, new companies coming into the market, the trend of digital wallets, and the increasing popularity of smartphones across the country are the doors of these new jobs. Will open

According to the report, the current number of people working in the telecom sector and the technical skills they possess are not sufficient to meet the demand for jobs.