Now Google's AI system will tell where an earthquake can occur, know what is special!

Google's AI system will tell where an earthquake can occur, know what is special!

Earthquake tremors can also be predicted by using artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence.

Earthquake tremors can also be predicted by using artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. Scientists at the US-based Harvard University and Google have used an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to analyze earthquake databases from around the world to predict earthquake tremors. Phoebe DeVries, a senior researcher at Harvard University in the US, said earthquakes usually occur sequentially. He said that many small tremors often occur after the initial 'major shock'.

He said that although these shocks are usually smaller than the main shocks, sometimes they hamper relief and rescue operations to a great extent. The timing and size of subsequent tremors are understood and established by established empirical principles, but it is still challenging to accurately predict their locations. DeVries wrote in a blog post on Google, 'We have worked closely with Google's machine learning specialist to see if we can find out where the tremors are from the depth analysis.

He said that we started it with a database of information related to more than 118 major earthquakes worldwide. The team has used a neural network to find the connection between the earthquake's main tremors and the subsequent changes in static pressure at the affected locations due to subsequent tremors. DeVries stated that the system is capable of identifying useful patterns.

Future appearance

Due to technology, there is rapid restructuring of jobs within industries, new fields are opening up for which new skills are needed. Are You Ready for This?

Many low-skill jobs are ending due to technology. But many new opportunities are also being created in the form of new era roles. Many research suggests that 65 percent of the jobs that children studying in schools will go into at this time will not exist.

Due to technological changes, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics due to taking virtual forms of things, every person will also have to change their skills according to the changing needs of the industry. Travel and tourism, IT, energy, logistics, retail, financial and educational services, manufacturing and engineering are the areas in which the positive trend of getting jobs will continue. A look at some emerging jobs in 2019-20.

Data analyst

Companies are using large amounts of data, now the decision making process has also become largely data-centric.

Key Skills: In-depth thinking trends, problem solving skills, statistics, data management, analysis, programming, business understanding, vision, communication, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Expert Sales Manager

Some skills are needed for mastering the complex business of sales. In this, communication with people is very important. You also need complete research about your company's work and prospects.

Key Skills: Deep understanding of new age techniques. Interested people should also focus on communication, decision making process, passion of work, problem solving, information of products, presentation and research.

Product manager

This responsibility has been associated with the conceptualization, testing and implementation of the products, so now development goals and market share and revenue analysis have also been added to it. There are many programs for this such as CSPO (Certified Scheme Product Owner), PMI-ACP (PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner), CPM (Certified Product Manager) and CIL (Certified Innovation Leader) are also available.

Key Skills: Problem solving, analytical ability, research, project management and design, data analysis and good communication skills are also required.

Human Resource and Organizational Development Specialist

HR professionals have to conduct the entire process efficiently till the recruitment and departure of people in the institute. They have to retain good talent in the institute. Organizational development experts help improve the functioning of businesses and organizations.

Key Skills: Along with being effective in change management, very good analytical, communication, inter-personal and instructional skills are also required.

Fintech professionals

According to Ernst & Young's Fintech Adoption Index, one-third of consumers worldwide are using more than two fintech services. Many Indian start-ups are setting up fintech platforms and financial companies are adopting them.

Key Skills: Must be proficient in programming, data analysis, AI, machine learning, deep learning, blockchain development, cyber security and have a good understanding of finance.