ChatGBT can now communicate by speaking

 ChatGBT can now communicate by speaking

  ChatGBT can now communicate through voice. OpenAI, the main company of ChatGPT, wrote a blog on Monday and informed about this.

According to OpenAI, ChatGPT will now be able to hear, speak and see. Like Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri voice assistants, ChatGPT can also work.

In a demo video shared by OpenAI, a user makes ChatGPT tell a story. In response, ChatGPT is heard telling a story in a human voice. Similarly, after telling the story, ChatGPT answered questions about the characters and events in the story.

According to OpenAI, this capability of ChatGPT is based on 'Text to Speech Model' and it can produce human voice based on some letters and sample sounds.

Similarly, the company has collaborated with professional artists for five different voices. The company says that it has the ability to respond based on pictures along with the feature that can be spoken.

Users can put any picture in ChatGPT and ask questions related to it. However, all these features will be available to paid users with ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise services only after the next two weeks.

This new update of OpenAI is expected to be important for the race taking place in the technology sector.