world record on internet speed

New world record on internet speed, all Netflix videos can be downloaded in 1 second!

Fast internet till now, do you know what is the speed of the fastest internet in the world? If not, leave. Today we are giving you the news of an amazing and surprising discovery.

Researchers at University College London (UCL) have set a new world record for the world's fastest internet at 178 terabytes per second (TBPS). You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

178 Tbps speed in simple language to understand the speed of one lakh 78 thousand Gbps. That is, if an HD movie is one GB, you can download one lakh 78 thousand such movies in one second.

The project, led by researchers at University College London, was led by Dr. Lydia Galdino. Earlier, Australia had the record for the fastest internet speed.

At that time, the fastest internet speed in the world was 44.2 Tbps. This means that the new internet speed is four times faster than the previous fastest internet.

Now think about it, what can you do at a speed of 178 Tbps? Easy to understand in language, with the help of this super-fast internet speed, you can download all the video content on Netflix in one second.

For this high-speed internet, UCL researchers used high range web lengths instead of standard optic fiber. In which a new amplified method was used to boost the signal after amplifying.

At present, 4.5 THz bandwidth is used for the internet. However, commercial bandwidth of 9 THz is also available in the market.

But 16.8 THz bandwidth is used for a superfast internet speed of 189 Tbps. Now you may be thinking that this project will be very expensive. According to UCL, upgrading to this new amplifier costs only fiber optic cable.

The biggest success so far in internet speed, thousands of movies can be downloaded in 1 second

 Researchers in Australia have set a world record for an Internet speed of 44.2 terabytes per second. At this speed, the user can download one thousand HD movies per second.

A joint team from Monas, Swinburne, and RMIT universities has used a micro comb optical chip to transfer data to all communications infrastructure in Melbourne. Inside are hundreds of infrared lasers.

Singapore currently has the world's fastest commercial internet speed. The average download speed is 197.3 MB per second.

Earlier, the average download speed in Australia was 43.4 Mbps. Which was one million times slower than the current test.

Dr. Monas University. Bill Corcoran says global competition continues to bring such speed to commercial markets.

He also said that the equipment they are currently using will reach other research labs in two to three years and for commercial use in about five years from now.

The lockdown caused by the coronavirus has significantly boosted the development of Internet infrastructure in recent months.

Last March, live streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix downgraded their video quality, calling for austerity in international bandwidth consumption. But now micro-comb devices will solve this problem, say researchers.