Artificial intelligence is giving 10 jobs by eating 100 jobs

Artificial intelligence is giving 10 jobs by eating 100 jobs


A big shocking revelation in the midst of a debate on artificial intelligence

If 100 people lose their jobs, then there are only 10 jobs based on AI.

The special thing is that even if the place is vacant, there is no immediate restoration.

The reason for this is that for this first people have to give AI training

(AI) and jobs are debated all over the world. On the one hand, people say that this poses a serious threat to jobs, on the other hand, people are saying that even though the jobs will go, the same number of AI-based jobs will also be created. But what the experts have concluded is extremely shocking. According to experts, if 100 jobs are lost then only 10 AI-based jobs are being created in their place.

Revealed in ET's discussion

The biggest thing is that people are not immediately placed on the vacant positions because to fill the vacant space, companies have to first train AI for the people, then they are restored. The findings came in a discussion with Economic Times 'Technology Talent Equilibrium' founder Sridhar Mitta, founder of digital technology services provider Nextwealth Entrepreneur, Prakash Mallya, head of Intel India and Supriyo Das, vice president of Wipro Technologies.

Intel takes initiative to teach AI in schools

Mitta said, “With the loss of 100 jobs, only 10 jobs are created. People whose job is different, their skills are different, so they get out of the job, whereas those who get jobs also have different skills. At the same time, Mallya said, "Intel has started an initiative to teach AI in schools." He said, 'My assessment is that training skills outside the industry need a collective ecosystem and effort in various companies. You need to reach out to industry, developers, startups. '

$ 15.7 trillion opportunities by 2030

Intel India has trained more than 1,50,000 developers, students, and professors since 2017 to develop AI-ready talent. According to a report by PwC last year, by the year 2030, globally about $ 15.7 trillion opportunities are expected to be created. Technology service providers are increasing the use of AI, due to which the demand of its experts is increasing in the market.

AI needs everywhere

Das of Wipro said, 'According to estimates, there will definitely be a shortage of AI experts in the coming times. We need to categorize where the need for AI knowledgeable people is and what kind of jobs will be created. He said, 'According to the kind of needs of our companies, we do not think that special skills are needed for a particular person in AI. The need for AI is everywhere.