Deep nude issue

Deep nude issue

Why in the discussion?

Cybercrime officials of India are tracking apps and websites that make naked photos of common people using Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

key points:

About Deep Nude:

Nude photos and videos made with computer help are called Deep Nude. Cybercriminals impose naked content on video, audio, and photographs with the help of artificial intelligence software.

By using artificial intelligence algorithms, imposing a person's manner of speaking, head and face movements with another person makes it difficult to tell whether these videos/photos are true or false. The veracity of these computer-generated videos/pictures can only be checked through in-depth analysis.

In 2017, for the first time, a person posted an account of naked content on social media by creating an account named 'Deepfake', then the trend of creating such apps and websites increased worldwide. Prominent among the maker make makes are FaceApp and Deep Nude.

Effects of deep nude:

According to 'Fayetteville State University', there is a modern kind of fraud committed by Deep Nude in Cyber ​​Space. Currently fraud is done through fake news, fake e-mail/phishing attacks, social engineering cyber attacks, etc.


In these types of cyberattacks, hackers send mobile messages or e-mails to people for the purpose of stealing their confidential information. For example, a hacker may send you an e-mail that appears to be broadcast by a reliable source such as a bank or government, etc., but in reality, the message is a copy of another such message and you can send your confidential information as soon as They fill it in, as the information reaches the hacker.

Is Deep Fake Legal?

The legalization of deeper is complex in many countries of the world. In the context of America, if a person is harassed by DeepFake, he can force a person to claim defamation as well as remove nude content from the internet. Guarantees freedom of expression and right to petition. Therefore, forcing the removal of content from the Internet is a violation of the First Amendment (US Constitution).

According to the Cyber ​​Civil Rights Initiative, 46 states in the US have laws related to 'revenge porn'.


Artificial intelligence is a hot topic of discussion for the past several decades. Scientists keep discussing about its good and bad results from time to time. While the world is changing rapidly through technology, it has also given rise to many new problems, new solutions should be adopted to solve them.

It is necessary toto stealth steal to stealer the world. The issue of cybersecurity and misuse of social media is such that it should not be ignored anymore. Sharing of wrong content through various platforms violates people's right to privacy, so there is a need to tighten regulations and be vigilant about cybercrimes and attacks.