Debate on artificial intelligence, some jobs were created and many different jobs were created.

Debate on artificial intelligence, some jobs were created and many different jobs were created.

With the adoption of the Artificial Intelligence of companies, jobs are not only ending, but new jobs are also being created. Experts said the same thing earlier.


New disclosure in the midst of a debate in companies about artificial intelligence

Some jobs have been lost due to AI, so many other types of jobs have also been created.

Companies in America and Europe are giving jobs to Indians in Artificial Intelligence

Talking about data labeling, people sitting at home are earning 15-30 thousand rupees a month.

Companies around the world are pushing for greater adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, there is also a debate on whether AI's job scenario is adversely affected. Experts deny this and they say that this will not affect the employment of people, yes their roles will definitely change. A similar thing has come up in a study.

AI got employment if the job was lost

Five years ago, Tulsi Malathi had to quit her job as a teacher for the health and upbringing of two children. But as of today, 29-year-old Malathi is earning Rs 15,000 from home every month through data labeling. Although this amount is not very much, it is more than the amount they got in the teacher's job and it is enough for their children's school fees and their personal expenses.

Got a chance from youtube video

In 2017, he got a chance to do data labeling through a YouTube video. Their job is to scan the videos and label the items coming in the way of self-driving cars. Their output is to train artificial intelligence algorithms to land such cars on the road. The condition of Mathi has become better than before. She says, "I can work from home and now I don't have to choose between work and family."

Companies from America, Europe are giving work

Mathi is one of those people who are helping America and Europe make their machine learning models perfect. For example, if you want the driverless car to correctly identify the stop sign, then you need to feed thousands of pictures in its algorithm as a stop sign. Sharmila Gupta of Gurgaon-based AI Touch says data labeling is like training a newborn.

AI business of Big Data

Data Labeler's initial salary is 15-30 thousand rupees per month. In the year 2018, the data labeling market was $ 150 million. Research company Cognilitica has predicted that by the end of 2023, the market will be worth one billion dollars.

Creation of new jobs

The Hyderabad-based company for which Malathi works is named Placement and a total of 25,000 people are working for it. All of them are in the age group of 18-30 years and are working from remote areas of India. Siddhart Mal, the founder of this company, claims that anyone who has a laptop and knows basic English can start working. He said, 'Everyone is discussing that people are going to jobs with AI, but a different kind of job is also being created.'