Artificial Intelligence and COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence and COVID-19

Why in the discussion?

Recently an app has been jointly developed by some students from Italy and India for testing COVID-19.

key points:

COVID-19 can be tested by this app on the basis of people's voices.

Based on Artificial Intelligence- AI, 300 people infected with COVID-19 were tested by this app, in which the accuracy of this technique was found to be 98%.

Significantly, a team from the Indian Institute of Science-IISc, Bangalore is also working on testing for COVID-19 based on the analysis of cough and respiratory sounds.

The functioning of the app:

Talking to the microphone on the app classifies the frequency and noise of people buy the app on several parameters.

A normal person and a person infected with COVID-19 compare the voice frequency and noise to determine if the person is infected or not.


This app is able to quickly conduct primary level testing to identify those infected with COVID-19.

Only the person with positive results in the primary level test will be sent to the laboratory for the next stage test.

Testing done with the help of the app will be free.

The government will help in identifying the Hotspot Areas affected by COVID-19.


In recent times, the number of people infected with COVID-19 in the country has increased rapidly, so more and more infected people must be identified soon. But it will be a big challenge to tell people about this app/publicity and make them aware of the working of the app.

(Artificial Intelligence-AI):

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that is based on the notion of computers behaving like humans. Its father is John McCarthy.

It informs the ability of machines to perform cognitive tasks such as thinking, understanding, learning, problem-solving,, and decision making.

Research on Artificial Intelligence began in the 1950s. Artificial intelligence means an intellectual ability to developed artificially.

It creates a computer system or a robotic system that attempts to operate based on the same logic on which the human brain functions.

AI works on concepts such as Purely Reactive, Limited Memory, Brain Theory, and Self Conscious.