Artificial Intelligence judges are hearing in court in China

Artificial Intelligence judges are hearing in court in China


Will the court hear through Artificial Intelligence? Something similar is happening in China. Artificial intelligence judges, cyber courts are present here, now decisions are being pronounced through the chat app. The policy paper of the Supreme People's Court of China states that the use of cyberspace and technology is speeding up the disposal of the case.

Mobile courts have been incorporated into this effort. This mobile court is actually running on the social media platform WeChat, which has so far dealt with more than 3 million legal cases and completed judicial procedures. According to the Supreme People's Court, it has been launched in March.

The policy paper was released this week. The authority gave the media a glimpse of the cyber court through this. It is the first court in the country that was established in 2017 in Hangzhou.

The authority showed the media how the Internet court operates in Hongzhou. In this, the petitioners appear before the Artificial Intelligence Judge through video chat. Cases such as online trade disputes, copyright cases, and e-commerce product liability claims have been presented in the Hong Kong court. The plaintiff can file his civil case online and then log-in for a hearing in the court. The purpose of this court is to reduce the weight of the judges.