Special CCTV technology will protect Corona, those who do not apply masks will be caught

Special CCTV technology will protect Corona, those who do not apply masks will be caught

The lockdown was announced in India due to Coronavirus and now it is set to be relaxed. Corona cases are still not reduced, so some rules have also been made for those going out. It is essential that all people wear masks and follow a distance of at least 1 meter. Monitoring people on a large scale has become a challenge in such a situation, but its solution is with AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence.

Somewhere people are following social distancing or putting on masks, CCTV cameras can now do the work of monitoring it themselves. Of course, this may sound shocking, but Bangalore based company Integration Wizards Solutions has suggested a way to take the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for this. The company works as an AI-based computer vision platform and began work on a special tech IRIS AI, looking at the situation arising during the coronavirus.

CCTV will monitor

Live camera feed can be monitored with the help of this computer vision technology named IRIS AI. This means that the technology itself can monitor which person in the CCTV camera range is wearing a mask or not. In addition to identifying people wearing masks, PPE kits, this technology can also be assigned the task of social-distance monitoring. It can tell in real-time whether people are standing in social distancing from each other or not.

The camera will do thermal screening

Monitoring people on a large scale is not easy and IRIS AI tech can prove to be helpful in preventing the spread of coronavirus. This technology with up to 99 percent accuracy can also be integrated into the existing CCTV network. From large firms to manufacturing plants and hospitals, this technology can be used and it can be decided that people should follow the rules until the coronavirus is eradicated. Apart from the mask and social distancing detection, thermal screening can also be done with its help.