This is how Amazon secretly controls the Internet

This is how Amazon secretly controls the Internet

Did you know that Amazon controls the daily traffic to the World Wide Web? The Netflix you watch, the BBC you read, the Disney Zoom app you use all depends on the technical infrastructure under the direct control of the world's richest man Jeff Bezos.

Today we are going to tell you about it in detail. It all started in 2002 when Amazon Web Services (AWS) was first created as a department within Amazon.

It was started under the leadership of Jeff Bezos in a small building with very little internal technical infrastructure. Jeff Bezos was known to the world only as a general online book retailer.

But the following year, in 2003, two AWS engineers, Chris Pinkham and Benjamin Black, suggested that the Slick New Server service not only help their company grow stronger and faster but also sell it to other third-party companies.

It opened up additional revenue for Amazon and generated revenue of $11.6 billion in the third quarter of 2020. This was close to three-quarters of Amazon Group's overall profit.

What does Amazon's Web Service (AWS) really do?

Imagine you are an online startup. In those days you needed a huge investment in the killer app idea and the service to back it up. If you were ambitious, you would need a lot of servers in the market.

Hardware like servers was not available at a cheap price then. Also, the labor and manpower, and other costs of managing and expanding the server were not cheap.

At the same time, AWS provided customers with access and capability to Amazon's extensive international network services at very affordable rates. At the same time, Amazon has discovered the best possible infrastructure to make its huge operations attractive and enhanced. He also decided to lease the infrastructure to others.

It is said that when you upload data to the cloud, it goes to someone else's computer and not to the cloud. That is largely true. The computer that holds most of your content belongs to Jeff Bezos.

According to some estimates, Amazon controls more than half of the cloud computing space. Let us, users, like you use any online service.

Whether watching a movie on Netflix or using Uber, watching the news on the BBC, or making a video call with your loved one on Zoom. All of that data is running somewhere on a server controlled by Amazon.

You may be wondering why a large company with its own server infrastructure uses AWS.

In fact, scalability is a big factor in the world of servers. If Netflix is ​​launching a new show and is expecting more and more viewers, it can temporarily increase its capacity in AWS with the push of a button.

Later when traffic decreases, it may reduce the increased server capacity. Which is not possible with your own new server.

Even Netflix, a competitor to Amazon's Prime video streaming service, has reported a sharp drop in operating costs since the move to AWS.

In 2013, it was revealed that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had awarded a ६० 600 million contract to Amazon Web Services. Also in 2019, the US Navy announced the transfer of its military data to the Amazon cloud.

The warm relationship between Amazon and these government agencies is actually a reciprocal relationship of a transaction. Anne Rung, a top Obama administration official, joined Amazon shortly after the expiration of Amazon's agreement with the US government.

If these works of AWS make you feel like an abstract software technology, whose imprint is only in the virtual world. Amazon is actually changing the world physically and even controlling the internet.

AWS is currently busy laying its submarine cable at sea. It is currently laying a 14,000-kilometer cable from Sydney, Australia to Oregon in the western United States via New Zealand.

In 2020, Amazon built its own wind farms in Sweden, providing energy to the high-energy European data center. Amazon's similar wind farm has been operating in Texas since 2017.

Amazon plans to run its services on 100 percent renewable energy from 2025.

AWS's data centers are now also providing backups of energy to service users. Ames is also trying to convert low-cost low-carbon heating and hot water supplies by recycling the extreme heat from the roaring servers of its new data center in Thales, South Dublin. Which seems to be useful for the domestic public sector and business clients.

Another question may come to mind. If Jeff Bezos controls half the world's Internet, is that right or wrong?

However, Amazon Web Services has always been accused of monopolizing practices. This is not really the whole truth. Google and Microsoft are also running their own cloud services. However, it is relatively small.

But AWS continues to make healthy profits. Which comes from Amazon's low-profit business venture.

Some big companies, of course, have taken the line to deny AWS. Walmart is one of the companies that has said that it is foolish to keep the company's secrets on other people's computers in the name of saving some of the company's operating expenses.