Here's how to do it right on Google Maps

Here's how to do it right on Google Maps

Google Maps is the fastest way to find your way to a new destination. But even this is not entirely credible. Sometimes there is a road ahead, but there is no road in the app.

Not all roads in places with more complex geography are included on Google Maps. But Google Maps allows users to voluntarily draw their own roads. This will make the journey easier for other passengers as well.

Follow these steps to find your own way:

1. Open Google Maps on the desktop.

2. Go to the location you want to navigate.

3. Click on the Hamburger menu at the top left and click on the 'Edit the Map' option.

4. Click on 'Missing Road' and mark the missing path by drawing a line.

After the edit has been verified by the team, the change is approved and a new path is added. Google Maps also makes it easier to name a path. Road closures can also be reported from the new Desktop Road Editor.

From next month, this new road editor feature will be rolled out in more than 80 countries. So you may have to wait a while before reading the world map.,85.3147648,13z