Pakistan re-bans TikTok for spreading obscenity

Pakistan re-bans TikTok for spreading obscenity

Pakistan has again banned the video-sharing app TikTok for spreading obscenity in the country. The Pakistani government has decided to ban TikTok, citing unethical and offensive video content.

Earlier, Pakistan had banned TikTok for the first time in October last year. Even then, the Pakistani government banned unethical and objectionable video content.

But at the time, TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, said it would control such videos. TikTok opened at the same time has now been banned again.

Following a directive from a provincial court in Pakistan, the Telecommunications Authority of Pakistan has directed the service provider to ban TikTok.

In addition, Pakistani ticket users will no longer be able to use tickets. In the court's decision, TikTok has stated that he has not taken any action on objectionable, immoral, or material. That is why tickets have been banned again.