Advertising is also coming on Netflix, will the number of subscribers increase?

Advertising is also coming on Netflix, will the number of subscribers increase?

Now Netflix is ​​under pressure from all sides. Netflix's subscribers are dwindling as other competitors like itself grow in the market. With the decline in subscribers, more than 450 employees have been laid off this year alone.

As the number of subscribers decreases daily, the company is adopting various alternative strategies to save its existence.

Under this, the company has made the subscription cheaper first. To increase the number of subscribers, the company is going to introduce an ad-supported subscription model.

At the recent Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, Netflix co-executive Ted Sarandos confirmed that Netflix will use ads to make subscriptions cheaper. While this platform was against the inclusion of advertising from the beginning.

In the program, Sarandos mentioned that this feature would be suitable for users who are looking for a cheap subscription. He did not say how cheap Netflix would offer the subscription.

They also did not say whether the facility would be available worldwide or in certain countries.

However, Netflix, which is preparing to bring an ad-supported subscription model, is not the first streaming platform. Platforms like Hulu and Disney Plus have already brought such a feature.

As well as the ad-supported subscription model, Netflix is ​​making its presence felt in the gaming world.

Netflix is ​​also introducing other payment systems for password sharers, which will allow them to pay a fee for sharing passwords.

Has Elon Musk really left Twitter?

Elon Musk, an active Twitter user and possibly future Twitter owner, has not tweeted in over a week. Musk, who celebrated his birthday last Tuesday, has become the sixth user to cross 100 million (100 million) followers.

Musk, who has been active on social media Twitter for a variety of questions, has been anonymous for over a week. So far, he has tweeted more than 19,000 tweets.

People are surprised that Musk, who replies to anything related to him on Twitter, is not active even on his birthday. People have been speculating that Musk's sudden disappearance after not seeing him for a long time.

Mentioning him, some have expressed surprise and concern at not seeing him on Twitter, while others have tweeted saying he remembers ridiculous content from his Twitter handle.

One user wrote, ‘Alan Musk, where are you going? I miss you on Twitter. '

Alan Musk's automatic Twitter handle, Alan Jet, states that his last flight on a private jet on June 24 was to Tesla's headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Some people have even speculated that he drank heavily on his birthday. However, Alan Musk's biographer Ashley Vance has mentioned in her biography that she does not drink much alcohol.

Forbes' wealth reporter Matt Durot has noted that Alan Musk's fortune has been steadily declining. Musk's net worth has fallen to 22 billion after a sharp fall in Tesla's stock.

Shares of Tesla fell 13.7 percent this month alone, according to Express Magazine. According to Durot, Alan Musk's fortune has been steadily declining since he announced his purchase of Twitter. It is mentioned in the express that he is not active on Twitter due to the continuous decline in his assets.

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How does the car's safety feature 'Traction Control System' work?

The 'Traction Control System' is one of the various safety features available in the car that has been made public recently. This security system has been used in cars in various ways for decades.

By comparison, a car with a 'traction control' connection is considered safe. This is an electrical system. This technology is especially popular in electric cars that have become public in recent times.

This system uses a variety of sensors, such as the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), to reduce or prevent the wheel from slipping while driving.

When the tires do not effectively cover the road surface, the wheels rotate, making the car 'overstay' or 'understand', making it more likely to have an accident.

Undersea and overseas are words that reflect the dynamics of a vehicle. It is used to describe the sensitivity of the steering of a vehicle.

The driver of an oversteering car turns the car more than ordered and vice versa.

The basic purpose of a traction control system is to detect wheels that have lost their grip. It then has the role of stopping or slowing the rotation of the wheel.

If the ABS sensors detect that the wheel is rotating, the computer software in the vehicle will temporarily stop the engine's output (the force created by the engine) to allow the wheel to slow down and regain traction.

The working principle of traction control is the same no matter which wheel is used while driving the car. Therefore, a traction control system can be placed on the front, rear, or all wheels of the vehicle.

Traction control systems were first used in passenger cars in the 1970s. But due to technical limitations, such systems were not reliable.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, traction control systems became increasingly common and sophisticated.

In 1978, Mercedes, BMW,,, and Toyota first used traction control systems, but in recent times, the use of such electronic systems has become commonplace in public cars.