What is Snapchat, its features, and how to download it

What is Snapchat, its features, and how to download it

The use of the Internet has created many mediums for connecting with people. In the meantime, when the era of email came and when it went, no one knew. Many such mediums have come to the people, with the help of which he can connect with all those people, whom he has not met for a long time. Various types of social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Instagram, etc. have made their important place among the people. Snapchat is also one of these. This is also a social site application that can be run on the internet. Users can capture photos, videos, etc. with its help. Apart from this, you can snap your 'story' in it, this application transmits all the stories accumulated in 24 hours to your Snapchat followers. Also, with the use of this app, the user can share his and his favorite videos, photos, etc. with his friends. Snap Chat uses Wi-Fi for all these tasks. It is visible to friends as a snap for 10 seconds and then disappears from there. So the viewer has to keep his finger on the screen while watching the message.

In May 2013, the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission alleging that Snap Chat tries to falsely convince people that all shared photos are completely removed from its servers. Below is a detailed description of this application.

What is Snap Chat

Snap Chat is an application that transmits messages from one user to another through photos and videos. Its unique feature is that after a time the shared photos automatically disappear from it. Due to the short duration of the message, the user can save the appearance of the picture by taking a screenshot of the snap message from his phone. The user can save his snaps before sharing them with his friends. Its credibility started reaching its peak in a very short time, seeing that Facebook wanted to buy it for $ 3 billion. The founders of Snap Chat rejected the offer. Later, Facebook had taken out an application called 'Sling Shot' by copying it, but it could not be successful in the people.

How is Snapchat different from other social media?

A feature of Snap Chat that makes it different from other social sites is that it establishes a personal contact between the sender and the receiver. Also, there is a system of video chat in it. On clicking on the 'Here' option present in this application, if the chat window of the selected user is open, then he/she gets notified about it. If the user receiving the notification also selects this option, then video chatting starts in both of them. After the end of the chat, it is completely removed from the application.

Similarly, pictures shared on other social sites either become common among people or remain lying in Nibox until the user deletes them himself, but this is not the case on Snapchat. In this, the message shared through pictures or videos disappears automatically after a time. It's called Snap. The user can also use a simple message to reply to a snap.

Snapchat history

Snap Chat was started for people in the year 2011. According to preliminary documents, Reggie Brown, a student at Stafford University, approached Evan Spiegel with the idea of ​​a 'disappearing picture application', due to Evan Spiegel's earlier business experience. Together they included another friend named Bobby Murphy in this idea, who had a much better experience in coding. These three worked continuously for a few months on this idea so that the first format of this idea was born as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Spiegel and Murphy declined Brown's involvement in Snap Chat a few weeks before the launch. Initially, the team at Snap Chat tried to focus on its usability and technical aspects and put the branding second.

On 8 May 2012, Reggie Brown sent an email to Spiegel, in which he spoke of his joining the company and a standard share. In response to this email, SnapChat's lawyer stated that Reggie Brown had no constructive presence in any way in the creation of this application. After this, the attorney accused Reggie Brown of fraud and said that Reggie Brown is telling a lie and that he is the inventor of this application. Also, the law firm said that Reggie Brown has not done any work in the making of this application, so he does not have any right of any kind of share in this company. In September 2014, Brown settled with Spiegel and Murphy, and Reggie received $157.5 million from the Snapchat company, as well as recognition of Reggie as the original inventor of Snapchat.

Snapchat features list

Updates of any social site keep coming from time to time. So Snap Chat has also come up with its own special features from time to time. Below are some of the important features of Snap Chat,

In the latest update of Snap Chat, the service of video and voice calling has been improved. From this, it is necessary to understand that its users are very many, who use it for video and voice calling.

Some even better updates were made in the ( update of Snap Chat. In this update, the fonts were more beautiful than before. In addition, simple messages written for Snap could now be written more than one line. Eventually, the user could write two lines with some special characters.

Users can use Bitmoji cartoons in this application. For this, the Snap Chat account has to be attached to Bitmoji.

As soon as the snap chat is opened, the user first gets to see the camera view. In this, the user can snap his photos or videos. After this, by going to the doodle option, the user can make his snap more colorful by using the sliding rainbow. The user uses his finger to select and edit the color.

The user can add additional 'special text' to his snap. This is very easy. After capturing a snap, a 'T' symbol is displayed in one corner of the snap itself. On clicking it, this option allows the user to insert emoji and text in his snap. Using this makes your snap even more attractive.

By going to the settings of Snap Chat, the user can choose the sender of his message. This means that the user Only those selected by him can message him. Also, the user can share his snap chat story with those people only and only with whom he wants to share.

Users can edit the username of/Snap Chat at any time. Many people use such difficult usernames that it becomes difficult to remember. The user can edit it at his convenience. Swiping up the camera view brings up the contact screen. There, by selecting the option of My Friend, you can go to the friend list. Here the username of any of your Snap Chat friends can be edited in your own way.

Along with friends, your username can also be edited at any time. Double tapping on your username displayed on the contact screen prompts the quick menu to appear. By clicking on it the user can edit his name.

The emoji in Snap Chat can also be attached to the objects visible in the video. Due to this, all these emojis are seen moving with the objects floating in the very attractive video. To take advantage of this feature, follow the instructions given below:

Turn on Snap Chat and press the Record button, this will start video recording.

After this, select the emoji option given near the 'T' option on the right side of the screen.

Select your favorite emoji from the emoji given there and edit it in the video.

When you remove the finger from the emoji, the emoji will attach to whatever object it has in the video.

The size and shape of the emoji can be controlled using pinching.

Snapchat stories

A Snap Chat Story is a video or photo posted by a user to its own section, which can be viewed by all of the user's friends. Swiping right in the application gives the option of 'Stories'. In the 'Recent Updates' contained in it, the user gets to see the 'Stories' of his friends. The user can tap on the name of any of his friends to see his 'Story'. This 'Story' is updated for 24 hours and can be viewed multiple times in this interval. Any 'Story' automatically gets deleted after 24 hours. If a user updates a story, his friend can view his story by going to the story section. However, all users can decide who can and cannot see their story by going to the privacy setting.

Why use Snap Chat Story (Why Snapchat is used)

With this help, a Snapchat user can tell the story of his day in one go. This makes it easy to tell your friends what interesting work the user has done in the last 24 hours. Those people whose number of followers is very high, those people can use it very well as an ad. Snap Chat is primarily known as a private messaging application, but its 'story features' are also being used very well for promotion. Many big stars and big celebrities share their snap cod with the people, which can be used to connect with them and stay connected with their activities.

Snapchat works

Snapchat is used by almost all types of people, but it is very popular among youth and teenagers. Snap Chat can be downloaded from Google Play Store or other Play Store. This application is used in aonmartphones, iPhones, Domo, etc. The essential points are being highlighted one by one below:

First of all download this application from any app store to your iPad or iPhone, if you have android then you can use the google play store

On opening the Snap Chat application, something like a white ghost is seen. On selecting the option 'Sign Up' given there, there is a chance to create a new Snap Chat account.

While creating a Snap Chat account, you have to provide your name, email id, date of birth, mobile number, etc. With all this, you have to enter a password to keep your account safe.

After this, a username has to be set. This username is visible to other Snap Chat users. Therefore, while entering the username, no special information related to yourself should be used.

After the account is created, a 'Verification Message' will come as verification from the Snap Chat. Verifying your phone number allows you to change the password over time.

When integrated with your phone's contact list, the Snap Chat app scans all the contacts and adds the mobile number registered under Snap Chat to your friend list. However, this is not necessary.

Users can add their friends to their snap chat list by entering the username of their selected friends in the option 'Add by user name'.