Corona infection will be detected within an hour through AI, 92% accurate results

Corona infection will be detected within an hour through AI, 92% accurate results

Scientists are also finding new ways to rein in it as the Corona epidemic intensifies. Scientists at Oxford University claim to have detected corona infection within an hour through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Scientists claim that the report through this technique will be almost equal to the report from real-time PCR. Between April 20 and May 6, 3326 people were studied.

Lead researcher Dr. Andrew Solton says that 92 percent of patients have seen accurate results. He claims that a large number of patients can be identified through this technique in a short time. This will help prevent the epidemic.

99.98% accurate investigation of the corona by artificial intelligence, KGMU-AKTU developed

Now corona patients can be easily identified at airports and railway stations. That too with accuracy up to 99.98 percent. All this will be done with Artificial Intelligence based Kovid-19 Diagnosis Tool. This tool is capable of detecting corona infection by analyzing X-ray images.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University and King George Medical University have developed this tool together. CM Yogi Adityanath inaugurated it. The Chief Minister said that this is a commendable effort of both the universities.

KGMU Vice-Chancellor Prof. MLB Bhatt said that this tool can be used with an X-ray machine. AKTU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Vinay Kumar Pathak told that it can be planted in very little space.

These institutes also supported: Medical University Etawah, Government Medical College Kota and many international labs also supported. Dr. Neera Malik and Dr. Anit Parihar of KGMU's Radiodiagnosis Department have also been a part of this project.

Tools designed like this

Prof. MK Dutta and researcher Rakesh Joshi said that in order to develop the tool, it was necessary to develop a system that could analyze X-ray images or CT scans of a normal person, common flu, pneumonia sufferers and patients of Kovid-19.

The tool was designed using features that differentiate these Kovid-19 from data from KGMU from Kovid-19 and non-Kovid-19 patients. Deep learning CNN network was also used for this.