Artificial intelligence is the key to success in the new age, many doors of career open

Artificial intelligence is the key to success in the new age, many doors of career open

Researchers at America's Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a robot that can compose and play music on its own using Artificial Intelligence.

Today is the time of technology and innovation. In this sequence, artificial intelligence is strongly dominated. Its increasing use from IT to other industries has not only made the work easier than before, but there is also a great demand in the market for the youth who have mastered it. Artificial intelligence is being used extensively in areas such as medical diagnosis, stock trading, robot control and remote sensing.

This robot can think like a human musician

The name of this robot is Simeon. It has four arms and eight sticks. It can play strings and harmonies on marimba. He can think like a human musician, instead of focusing on the next note, he focuses on the overall structure of the composition.

This robot does such amazing work

Researchers have put 5,000 songs in it. It has songs ranging from Lady Gaga to Mill Davis. The machine is assisted in the initial four processes. After this, no person is involved in composing or playing music. Research student Mason Breton said, 'Once Simeon learns the four measures we have given him, he makes sequences of his concepts and composes his own piece.

Robot woman serves food

There is a restaurant called in Multan city of Pakistan's Punjab province, in which women robots serve food to customers. According to a Pakistani newspaper, the son of the owner of Pizza Restaurant has built this robot using AI himself. Restaurant owner Syed Aziz Ahmed said that this robot can go to the customer's table, greet the customers and is able to come back to the counter after serving food. The robot weighs 25 kg and can carry up to five kg of food.

AI technology works in iPhone and Microsoft Window-10

Everyone who uses iPhone will know Siri. Who is this Siri? Siri is not a human being but still he answers your every question and helps you. Like you can open an app by speaking to him, you can write a message by speaking to him. For example, if you say to Siri, 'Siri please Whatsapp, Hi to my Dad', Siri will send your message to your father. Now you must be thinking how is this possible? This has been possible through Artificial Intelligence.

Nowadays demand for AI has increased in all sectors

This Artificial Intelligence also understands the mood of the customer by analyzing the data on the computer and accordingly asks the companies to target them. Many companies continue to provide updates to Internet users based on the surfing pattern using this technology, which includes their own marketing. Whether it is medical diagnosis, stock trading, robot control or remote sensing field, artificial intelligence is in demand everywhere.