‘Intelligent’ fences to prevent cyber attacks

 ‘Intelligent’ fences to prevent cyber attacks

Experts have developed drugs to prevent attacks in the cyber world. Despite this, the attack continues to melt the gap. This time, therefore, scientists want to make the security fence 'intelligent'. For this, artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) and machine learning technology are being used.

Cyber ​​experts say that all the firewalls or antiviruses that have been there for so long to prevent malware or viruses have been working on the basis of certain mathematical formulas or a few familiar tables. But the way hackers are spreading new viruses, they are often attacked by avoiding security fences. That is why the security system needs to be further improved.

Debashis Mukherjee, India's country director for a cybersecurity firm, says such cybersecurity technology should include firewalls or antiviruses created with artificial intelligence technology. The potential danger is that the security system will be able to build the necessary resistance in China. Not only that, when a new virus is found, this new 'security guard' will also analyze its structure and instill it in his brain. In this way, his intelligence will increase step by step.

According to cyber experts, as new viruses grow, so do cyber attacks. In the case of cyber attacks, the number of ransoms demanded by 'hostage' the computer network of any organization or government is also increasing. However, in the case of India, the tendency to collect this ransom is less. According to Debashisbabu, the most expensive product in the world is now information. Hackers hack into the computers of various organizations, institutions, and even clients and use that information for various criminal purposes. As the world's database becomes increasingly computer-dependent and the use of cyber technology in public life increases, so too do security systems need to be strengthened.