Pentagon will adopt ethical principles for the use of artificial intelligence

Pentagon will adopt ethical principles for the use of artificial intelligence

The Pentagon on Monday announced the adoption of 'ethical principles' for the use of artificial intelligence for the armed forces. Its purpose is to convince American tech veterans to cooperate with the military.

US Defense Minister Mark Asper said in a statement that AI technology will change a lot in the future battlefield, but there will be no change in America's commitment to responsibility and equitable behavior.

The Pentagon, which has regularly criticized the use of facial recognition technology by police in China, has promised to establish clear, well-defined uses for AI technology, according to the statement.

The Pentagon statement said that such a technology that provides the skills needed to perform its assigned tasks will be reliable and will also have a transparent system.

Finland launches free online course to teach artificial intelligence

Finland has started a free crash course on Artificial Intelligence. This course will be available to all. The duration of this course is six weeks. This course, named 'Elements of AI', has been offered as a Christmas present for the residents of Finland to learn about the new technology.

Please tell me that there are no geographical restrictions for this course. This course is made available in six languages ​​including English, Swedish, Estonian, Finnish, and German. So if you also want to know about Artificial Intelligence and have knowledge of any of these languages, then you too can learn it.