Sitting near the phone or TV, the company can secretly listen to your gossip!

 Sitting near the phone or TV, the company can secretly listen to your gossip!

When is your own phone dangerous for you? Overuse or phone becomes a medium to listen to your conversation? Recently, a company called Cox Media Group (CMG) has claimed that it can listen to user conversations through smartphones, smart TVs or other devices.

The company claims to have developed a technology capable of displaying advertisements based on user conversations. According to media organization 404 Media, CMG has named it as active listening technique.

The company also posted a blog on its website and gave brief information about the capabilities and uses of this technology. Now the blog post has been deleted by the company. (Click here to read the blog archive written by the company.)

The blog post mentions that this technology uses microphone data from smartphones and other devices for advertising. In other words, the company claims that it can listen to the pre-purchase conversation of the user through the microphone on the phone. According to the company, the data will be analyzed by AI and the user will be shown suitable advertisements.

Similarly, CMG wrote in a blog post that active listening can be a suitable tool for advertisers. The company has claimed that the active listening law is also agreed to do such work.

"When a new app is downloaded or updated, the terms and conditions appear before using the app. There is some context of active listening in it. Therefore, it is legal," the company's blog post states.

CMG wrote that the advertiser can advertise only through this technology by targeting certain areas. For that, it is said that advertisements will be shown through streaming TV, streaming audio, display ads, YouTube, search engines, etc. based on the conversations of the users of that place.

It has been mentioned that this technology, which has not been given much details, can understand customer behavior and show personalized ads based on personal interests. But digital security experts have said that the privacy and security of such a technology will be questioned in the market.

However, whether this technology and marketing actually exists as claimed by CMG, is not yet certain. But from earlier, Facebook and other apps were claiming to listen to users for advertisements. Facebook has always denied this. Instead, Facebook says that the app uses the microphone only with the user's permission.