Do you have an electric foundation at home? Clean it like this

 Do you have an electric foundation at home? Clean it like this

  It's winter time. Drinking hot water is one of the ways to stay warm in this season. We have various options for heating water. But in the recent times, it should not be different that the things that have to be heated on the stove have been replaced by electric kettles.

Many home appliance brands are selling and distributing electric kettles in the Nepali market at cheap prices. Nowadays, apart from heating water with electric kettles, boiling noodles and hot drinks are also done.

But when it comes to cleaning electronics, it can become a problem for many. Cleaning the electrical equipment in the kitchen is easier than you think. Today we are going to tell you how to clean the same electric kettle used in the kitchen:

The interior of the electric kettle is in contact with water. But the electrical parts do not come into contact with water. But having said that, water should not be poured into the parts of the kettle that are in contact with electricity, such as ordinary utensils, which are directly cleaned with water. When this happens, there is a possibility of short circuit.

But we can clean the electric kettle in different ways. One of the simple and reliable methods is to use citric acid.

Before cleaning the electric kettle, check if there is something stuck inside or if there is any dirt. It knows where to clean. In some cases, there are rust stains on the inside of the kettle, and there are some things stuck in the filter. You can then do the following:

-Fill the kettle half full with water.

- Now add two spoons of citric acid powder. If you don't have citric acid, you can use distilled vinegar or lemon juice. But citric acid is the best option for removing rust stains.

After that, boil the water in the kettle.

-After boiling the water, let it cool for a while.

-Remove the small filter inside the spout of the kettle (if you have one). It is easy to remove that filter.

-Put that filter in freshly boiled water. And leave it for about 20-30 minutes. You do not need to boil the water at this time.

-After 20/30 minutes, remove the filter from the kettle water. See if the rust color has gone/not gone.

-If the rust does not come off, use a bottle brush or a cleaning product. Now after doing all this, wash the kettle with clean water.

-But if the kettle is still not clean, then sprinkle citric acid inside the kettle and make a paste and try to remove it with a clean cloth. And again repeat the above process.

- At that time, remove the small objects stuck in the filter using a toothpick.

- After heating the water in the kettle again, cool it down. Clean the inside of the kettle as before.

- Now the outer part of the kettle should be cleaned. Since the outside of the kettle is usually made of stainless steel, you can dry it with a microfiber cloth. Then your job of cleaning the kettle is done.

Usually, it is not necessary to use the electric kettle for such a long time. It depends on how you use it. But cleaning the kettle regularly is good from the health point of view.