Mobile microphone not working? Do this

 Mobile microphone not working? Do this

Be it for messaging or to record something or to use the assistant feature on the phone, microphone is the choice of many people. Microphone is a tool available built-in in mobile. It understands and records your voice.

But sometimes this tool may not work. This may change the way you use your phone. But you can solve this problem yourself by doing some simple work without calling the mobile repair center. That's what we're talking about today:

Check the system:

In some cases, this problem can also occur if the phone is not given the microphone permission. On most Android phones, you can give access to the microphone by going to 'Settings > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Privacy Control'. In addition, some voice-based apps have a mute button. If there are such apps then you need to check whether they are 'ON'.

Clean the mic grill:

When the phone is used continuously, dirt may accumulate. This may cause dirt to accumulate on your mic grill. If there is anything visible, try to pull it off slowly. You can use toothpick, paper click or sim tool for this.

But do not blow on the microphone grill with an object like a hair dryer. Also, at the same time, see if the phone case has pierced/not pierced the mic grill. If the phone case covers the mic grill, you should use a phone case that does not cover it.

Check mic permissions on an app-by-app basis:

If the mic is working in other apps, but only some apps are having problems, you can check the permissions of those apps. Sometimes certain apps may have this problem. For this, you go to the app through settings.

Go to the app where the mic is not working and tap on Permissions. If Mike is not given permission, you can fix it.

Close the app that shared the mic input:

This is not such a big problem. But sometimes two different apps may be using the microphone at the same time. That may be causing the problem. In this case, you can close the other app.

Check for updates on the app or Android:

Sometimes the mic may not work even if there is a problem with the software. In that case, you can check the update of the app you need to mic or the update of Android itself. In some cases, updating the software can solve this problem.


If some bug has caused a problem with the phone software or app then you can restart your phone.

If the mic doesn't work after any of the above methods, bring your phone to a repair center. If you see this type of problem in the new phone, you can inform the company.