An issue in India against WhatsApp's new privacy policy

An issue in India against WhatsApp's new privacy policy

 For the first time, a case has been filed in an Indian court against the new policy issued by the messaging app WhatsApp. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has filed a lawsuit in the Indian Supreme Court seeking repeal of WhatsApp's new policy of sharing user data with Facebook.

CAIT has filed a lawsuit alleging that WhatsApp's proposed privacy policy violated some of the fundamental rights of citizens as enshrined in the constitution. WhatsApp's major market in India has millions of users.

With so many users, it is possible that WhatsApp could influence the country's economic and political activities. Therefore, the government should formulate a separate policy for the operation of large technology companies such as WhatsApp to protect the privacy of citizens and businesses, according to CAIT.

CAIT National President B. C. Indian and National Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal has accused WhatsApp of adopting the concept of 'My Way or Highway'. He said that such arbitrariness of WhatsApp is unfair, unconstitutional and will not be acceptable in a democratic country.