Earth's digital form 'Earth 2', where digital land is being sold

Earth's digital form 'Earth 2', where digital land is being sold

Dividing the satellite image of the earth into many small squares is a game in which those squares can be bought and sold as land, meaning 2. Seeing such a unique aspect of it, the youths of western origin have become attracted to this game.

Many people have taken these digital lands as an investment for the near future. The company has divided its game into 3 stages; In the first phase, small sections divided into satellite images of the Earth will be sold.

The prices of these classes will vary according to the physical location, such as American lands are expensive and other countries are cheaper. The company did not disclose how the classes were valued.

In the second phase, if a place has a physical advantage, it can be used in the game, said a member of the company. For example, if someone has an upper class of gold mines, he will benefit in some way in the game.

Similarly, in the third phase, the company will make arrangements to build on the land using 3D technology. Some people have taken this game as a scam while some have taken it as an investment. The future will show the return of the company.