China has created an AI robot with a brain, the risk of human existence is in crisis

 China has created an AI robot with a brain, the risk of human existence is in crisis

Experts have been expressing concern about artificial intelligence robots since before. However, going further than that, China has made such a robot that can prove to be very dangerous for humans.

China has created the world's first robot that has a human-like brain. That is, the robot can think like a human. This robot is the first AI robot to be controlled by human brain cells. It is considered a breakthrough in the field of biocomputation.

In fact, AI does not match the level of human intelligence. That is why scientists have given the human brain to AI.

Researchers at Tianjin University in China have developed a humanoid robot that works using human brain cells.

The South China Morning Post said that this robot can develop hybrid human robot intelligence.

At first glance, this concept may seem straight out of a science fiction movie. However, according to researchers, this humanoid hybrid human robot with human brain cells can pave the way for intelligence.

According to New Atlas, this new robot is defined as a brain on a chip that uses stem cells, which are basically developed in human brain cells.

These cells are integrated with a computer chip through an electrode, which enables the robot to process information and perform various other tasks.

The setup allows the robot to encode and decode information. This enabled the robot to perform activities ranging from navigating around various obstacles to grasping objects.

Experts have expressed concern that this robot may become a problem for mankind. It can interfere with people's work. Also, it affects people's work and may become unbridled sometime in the future.

In case of receiving wrong information, this robot can make wrong actions as well as make wrong decisions.